Michael Inzlicht

Michael Inzlicht
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(416) 208-4826
Building SY 168


Professor Inzlicht completed his B.Sc. in Anatomical Sciences at McGill University in 1994, his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Brown University in 2001, and his postdoctoral fellowship in Applied Psychology at New York University in 2004. He has published more than 150 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and edited two books. His work has been featured in media outlets around the world, including The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, BBC News, TIME, The Daily Telegraph, and the CBC, among many others. He is the director of the Work and Play Lab.


Research Interests

Professor Inzlicht uses methods borrowed from social psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience to understand the nature of the mental effort we use to reach our goals and the nature of leisure activities we do for fun. His research includes projects on self-control, motivation, and empathy (work) as well as projects on digital device use, social media, and recreational cannabis use (play). His lab is committed to open and transparent science, which includes publicly posting data and materials, often preregistering studies, and regularly running replication studies.