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Graduate Supervision Awards

The School of Graduate Studies Supervision Awards aim to recognize outstanding performance in the multiple roles associated with graduate student supervision. Each year, two JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Awards and two SGS Early Career Supervision Awards will be offered to successful nominees.

Full details are available on the JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award & SGS Early Career Supervision Award webpage.


Scheduling a PhD Final Oral Exam (FOE) at UTSC

Consult the UTSC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' FOE webpage to know how we can help you scheduling and organizing a PhD Final Oral Exam at UTSC

Financial Resources for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Faculty members are encouraged to invite their graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to apply to the following awards, administered by the Vice-Dean Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies' team  (please consult the individual award's webpage to consult each award's criteria, application process and deadline);