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The Vice-Dean Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies provides a range of services to address individual graduate student needs. The Campus Graduate Administrator and the Campus Graduate & Postdoctoral Coordinator at UTSC support students in accessing the many resources at Scarborough Campus.


If you would like to hold a Final Oral Exam (FOE) at UTSC, please visit our FOE webpage to know how we can assist you.

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Graduate students are affiliated with a campus (St. George, Mississauga or Scarborough) based upon their program of study but may apply to change their campus affiliation.

Graduate students whose home graduate departments are based on St. George are by default assigned affiliation to the St. George campus. However, students whose supervisors are located at UTSC may want to change their affiliation if they conduct their training and research on the UTSC campus.

Students in tri-campus graduate departments may change their affiliation to UTSC by submitting a Change of campus affiliation form via the SGS Portal.

UTSC graduate students who are registered in Management (MAccFin), Physical & Environmental Sciences (MEnvSc or PhD), or the Psychological Clinical Science (MA or PhD) are automatically assigned affiliation to the UTSC Campus.

Benefits of UTSC Campus Affiliation:

  1. Affiliated students are eligible for UTSC non-academic incidental fees.
  2. UTSC affiliated students are eligible to be considered for campus-wide awards, grants and scholarships.
  3. Affiliated students are added to the graduate student listserv at UTSC and will be notified of events and services of particular interest to graduate students.
  4. The Graduate Student Association at Scarborough (GSAS) receives a portion of the graduate student union fee for each affiliated graduate student (more money for GSAS = better services and events for graduate students at UTSC).
  5. UTSC affiliated graduate students receive individualized research and writing help through the library and the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s Graduate Writing Support program.

If you need an official letter confirming your registration, complete the request for a letter confirming registration form available on the SGS website and e-mail it to our office for processing.

Tips for completing the form:

1) Include any specific information (example: name of supervisor, program start date etc.) that should be included in the letter

2) If the letter is for immigration purposes, note that under "Other"

3) If you do not want to pick up the letter from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS), note the alternate options for receiving the letter. You may receive a: hard-copy in the mail, an electronic copy via e-mail (to your utoronto e-mail address) and/or a hard copy via campus mail to the Campus Graduate Administrator at UTSC.

If you need an official letter confirming your degree requirements, complete the request for a confirmation of degree requirements form available on the SGS website and e-mail it to our offices.