Library & Writing Support

UTSC library

The UTSC Library

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are able to use the libraries at all three campuses. The University of Toronto Scarborough Library is located in the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) building and provides the following support services for graduate students and postdocs.

Research Support

The liaison librarians are the primary point of contact for graduate students and postdocs since they have advanced disciplinary knowledge and are the most familiar with the resources that graduate students and postdocs will need. Student can consult the Ask Chat service or Online Help Desk or email liaison librarians with questions about library resources or library services

Library resources for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

  • The Research & Scholarly Communications, Sarah Forbes, can help with questions around copyright and author's rights (for papers as well as securing copyright permission for papers included in thesis and dissertations prior to submission to SGS), open access compliance for tri-agency funded publications, digital preservation, and more. You can also learn about copyright and author's rights, open access compliance for tri-agency funded publications and more on the Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office (SCCO) webpage.
  • The U of T Librairies published the Submit and Publish Your Thesis guide for students who are just starting to work on their theses and for those who are getting close to submission or are looking to publish. Click on the links below to consult the slides/watch the workshop of the first Submit and Publish Your Thesis workshop held in August 2020:

Additional Library Services

Writing Support at UTSC

UTSC graduate students and postdocs can receive individual help with their writing from Dr. Cindy Bongard who works with graduate students and postdocs through online interfaces. These online consultations can address any writing project: papers for courses, conferences or publication, theses, dissertations, application materials including grant proposals, teaching dossiers, cover letters, resumes and academic CVs.

To discuss any writing projects or questions, register and book a writing support appointment through WCOnline.

Contact Dr. Cindy Bongard for any questions and any interested postdoctoral fellows seeking to book an appointment.

Just Write (Writing Intensive for Graduate Students)

UTSC "Just Write" days are for U of T graduate students working on a substantial writing project (e.g., thesis, dissertation, paper for publication). These writing intensives offer a distraction-free environment, with the built-in accountability and social support of writing with others. "Just Write" days are intended to enhance productivity and motivation, helping Masters and PhD students meet their current writing goals. Expert writing and editing advice is available in a nearby breakout space. Are you writing a thesis or a paper for publication? Would you benefit from having a congenial writing space, dedicated time set aside for your project, support from other graduate students, and the option of consulting with a writing instructor?

Graduate Centre for Academic Communication

The Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) provides graduate students with advanced training in academic writing and speaking (for conferences, written proposals, papers, etc.) through different types of support such as non-credit courses,  workshops, individual writing consultations and writing intensives.

GCAC's office is downtown, but programs are free, open to UTSC students, and current offerings are online.

Visit the SGS's GCAC webpage for current offerings.