Collaborative Specializations

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UTSC offers collaborative specializations which provide an additional multidisciplinary experience for students enrolled in a participating graduate program. Collaborative specializations offer a broader base from which to explore a novel interdisciplinary area or special development that crosses a number of disciplines and creates common experiences, such as a core course, seminars, and other intellectual activities.  Collaborative specializations assist students with an interest in the field to connect with other professors and graduate students and offer an organizational home within the university for students and professors who focus on community development processes within their various disciplines and professions.

Students who choose to apply to a collaborative specialization must be registered in degree programs in their home units and must meet the home unit’s admission standards and degree requirements as well as those of the collaborative program. Students may be admitted to collaborative programs either at the time they begin their graduate studies in one of the partner faculties or departments, or later during their program. 

The collaborative specializations offered at UTSC include: