Collaborative Specializations

UTSC offers collaborative specializations that provide an additional multidisciplinary experience for students enrolled in a participating graduate program. These specializations offer a broader foundation for exploring novel interdisciplinary areas or specialized developments that span multiple disciplines, fostering experiences such as core courses, seminars, and other innovative intellectual activities. Collaborative specializations connect students with an interest in a particular field, allowing them to engage with professors and graduate students across disciplines. They also provide an organizational home within the university for students and professors focusing on community development processes in their respective disciplines an professions. Students applying for a collaborative specialization must be registered in degree programs within their home units. They must also meet the admission standards and degree requirements of their home unit, as well as those of the collaborative program. Admission to collaborative programs can occur either at the beginning of their graduate studies in one of the partner faculties or departments or later in their program. 


The collaborative specializations offered at UTSC: