Family Supports

Many graduate students successfully complete their program of study while integrating a variety of family responsibilities.


The University of Toronto works to reduce or mitigate barriers to full participation in University life. To maximize graduate student creativity and contributions, there are a number of resources and policies available to help graduate students integrate their academic and family responsibilities.


Baby change tables location at UTSC

  • EV building:  Men and Women’s washrooms on the main floor.
  • Student Center: Men and Women’s accessible washrooms on the 1st floor.
  • Bladen Wing:  Men’s washroom (B200) and the Women’s washroom (B220) on the second floor by the Tim Horton’s.
  • Science Wing: Men’s washroom (SW523) and the Women’s washroom (SW522) behind the Graduate Student Lounge.
  • Highland Hall: Universal Washrooms beside the Registrar's Office.

Infant Feeding room (SW 524)

This newly renovated space includes a comfortable armchair, as well as a microwave, fridge, and sink to facilitate all kinds of infant feeding activities.  Caregivers of all genders are welcome to use the space.

To ensure privacy, access to the space requires booking and the use of a fob to unlock the door. Caregivers interested in using the space should:

  1. Request fob access from their business officer/department administrator. Graduate students and postdocs should contact us directly to facilitate the process.
  2. Make a booking for a specific date and time on the intranet.


Family care at UTSC

The Family Care Office supports current University of Toronto students, staff, faculty, post-doctoral fellows and their families with any family care related issue. The Family Care Office provides confidential guidance, resources, referrals, educational programming and advocacy for the University of Toronto community and their families.

Confidential appointments are available for students, staff and faculty with a Family Care Advisor. Meet with a Family Care Advisor to discuss planning for parenthood, pregnancy, resources for new parents, childcare and childcare subsidies, the University's pregnancy /parental /adoption/primary caregiver leave policies, services and support for an aging family member and any other family-related matter.

Confidential appointment and workshop

To book an appointment, please email the Family Care Office with the following information: your student or staff number, U of T employee group and/or your union affiliation if applicable, and a brief explanation of your inquiry. Appointments will be booked between 10 AM to 4 PM. Although you can book an appointment anytime during office hours.

The Family Care Office offers regular events for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with family reponsabilities. Consult the UTSC Grad & Postdoc Events Section to learn more about current events and register.

Childcare and Summer Camp at UTSC campus

kids playing football

The N'sheemaehn Child Care Centre is located on the UTSC campus and offers Infant, Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten Programs.


UTSC Summer Camp offers summer day camp for children ages 6-16 years that offers Tennis, Themed and Leadership program options.


Parental Grant

The SGS Parental Grant program aims provides financial support to doctoral students within the funded cohort by helping to offset the loss of funding as a result of taking an approved parental leave of absence at the time of birth or adoption. This grant provides the funds for full-time care during the child’s first year.  

Leave of absence policy

Graduate students may apply to their Graduate Coordinator for a one-session to three-session leave during their program of study for parental leave by either parent at the time of pregnancy, birth or adoption, and/or to provide full-time care during the child’s first year.  Parental leave must be completed within 12 months of the date of birth or custody. Where both parents are graduate students taking leave, the combined total number of sessions may not exceed four. For more information, consult the Leave of absence policy on the SGS webpage.

Other resources

Student should consult the Family Care Office's Guide for Graduate Students with Family Responsibilities

Supervisors should consult the SGS Best Practices for Supervisors and Instructors of Graduate Students with Family Responsabilities