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Camp U of T Scarborough

Our Kids featured camp & program

Each week themed camps for children ages 5-12 are offered each morning followed by a mini-University experience through rotations in computers, science, arts and crafts in the afternoon. Also, Leadership certificate programs comprised of character-building workshops, team-based recreational activities and off-campus excursions are offered for youth 13-15yrs.


Morning Drop-off, Evening Pick-Up and Extended Care Location:  1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON M1C 1A4

Campers 5-12yrs and Youth Leadership Participants 13-15 are to meet in the Academic Resource Centre (AC-227). The Academic Resource Centre building is in close proximity to Visitor Parking Lot-, which is the designated parking lot for the camp program this summer.


  • Multifaceted in-person programs for children 5-12yrs:  Afro-Caribbean Dance, Cooking, Magic Show & Workshop, Sports, STEAM Lego, Visual Arts and Dramatic Art
  • Comprehensive 2-week Youth Leadership Certificate Program (Leaders-in-Training) available for ages 13-15yrs
  • Progressive programming facilitated by U of T Scarborough staff/faculty, alumni, community partners and camp leaders
  • Low Camper-to-Counsellor ratio:  6:1 for the Children’s Program and 12:1 for the Youth Leadership program
  • Youth friendly meal plan service provides vegetarian options and accommodates food allergies
  • Wonderful opportunity for children to reunite with camp friends from years past and meet new friends!
  • Flexible weekly registration available throughout 8-week camp duration - Monday through Sunday 24/7
  • 1 free camp hat provided to children and youth on the first day of camp!




Children’s Themed Camps (5-12yrs)

Program Dates

Wk. 1 July 4-8        Dance Fusion

Wk. 2 July 11–15    Cooking

Wk. 3 July 18-22    Magic Show & Workshop

Wk. 4 July 25–29   Sports

Wk. 5 Aug 2-5        Visual Arts (*4-day camp due to Civic Holiday on Aug 1)

Wk. 6 Aug 8–12.    Magic Show & Workshop and STEAM Lego

Wk. 7 Aug 15-19    STEAM Lego

Wk. 8 Aug 22-26    Dramatic Arts


Camp Fees

$260 per child/5-day camp

$208 per child/4-day camp

Registration Incentive: A 10% discount applies to the complete 8-week registration for one camper purchased in one transaction for a discounted total of $1,825.20.



Leaders-in-Training Certificate Program (13-15yrs)

Program Dates

S1: July 4 – 15

S2: July 18 – 29

S3: Aug 2 – 12 (*9-day program due to Civic Holiday on Aug 1)

S4: Aug 15 – 26


Program Fees

$531.00 per youth (9-day program)

$590.00 per youth (10-day program)

Note: Due to the popularity of the Leadership program and all 4 programs offering the same curriculum, youth can only register for one of the four programs.



Lunch Meal Plan and Extended Care

Meal Plan (Children 5-12yrs) $58.75 per child/4-day camp and $73.50 per child/5-day camp

Meal Plan (Youth 13-15yrs) $132.25 per teen/9-day program and $147 per teen/10-day program

Extended Care (post-camp care for children ages 5-12yrs from 4:30-6pm) *Childcare not provided in the mornings.

$40 per child/week. (4-day camp)

$50 per child/wk. (5-day camp)

$140 Family flat-rate fee for 4+ children (4-day camp)

$175 Family flat-rate fee for 4+ children (5-day camp)


If your child is unable to attend the themed camp(s) for which they are registered, you will be entitled to a full refund minus a 10% cancellation fee upon written notice prior to June 30. No refunds will be processed after June 30 unless a doctor’s certificate is presented.
In the event that the themed camp program/s you registered for is cancelled, a full refund will be provided. Registrants will be notified of program cancellations 2-weeks in advance.
  • Transfers to camp sessions of a different week(s) for the same value – no charge
  • Transfers to camp sessions of an increased price (e.g. 4-day to 5-day camp) – you pay difference
  • Transfers to camp sessions of a decreased price (e.g. 5-day to 4-day camp) – prior to June 30 we refund the difference.
  • No refund provided after June 30 for program-transfer payment differences.
Themed camps can fill up quickly. If the themed camp you wish to register for is full, please email and request to be added to the wait list. You will be notified when a vacancy presents itself. In the event that you are wait-listed and need to cancel or you find another camp to register your child/ren, for, as a courtesy to others please inform us in in order for us to officially remove your child/ren from the list.


Camp U of T Scarborough provides fun, interactive, well-rounded weekly themed day camps for children ages 5-12.
Themed camps offered: Dance Fusion, Cooking, Visual Arts, Sports, Magic Show & Workshop, Lego & Dramatic Arts. Children are grouped into the following age cohorts: 5-8’s and 9-12’s. Each week, children will engage in a themed program curriculum (i.e. Visual Arts) followed by an afternoon rotation-schedule of Computers, Science and Arts and Crafts.



 Virtual April Break Camp - 2021 

• Great program, my 7-year old truly enjoyed all the sessions registered for including Lego, robotics, art and cooking. 

• The Lego and Cooking camps were amazing! 

• Thank you for offering these classes. My children really enjoyed the classes they entered and they were very engaged. I also listened in, and I thought the hosts did an excellent job! 

• Compared to some of the other virtual programs we had our child enrolled in, these were some of the best. It was the right mix of engagement, participation and guidance. The organizers were wonderful. 

Traditional In-person Camp - 2019 

• Only camp I know that offers leadership training geared towards 13+ year olds 

• Sent my grandson to introduce a University based summer camp 

• It gave me the opportunity to expose my kids to my workplace 

• Great variety of programming for younger kids and a leadership camp for older kids all at one camp. 

• Great reviews (initially) and excellent experience in past years 

• I went there for University and I heard good things from other moms about the camp. 

• Recommended by another mom, interesting themes, choices this year 

• Older sibling was in leadership camp, parents needed to find somewhere close for younger sib to go at the same time! 

• Looked like fun for kids and camp location is reputable 

• Convenience of location & camp hours - aligns with my work day perfectly• To expand my child’s knowledge in French over the summer  

• Diverse theme camp options, U of T Scarborough appeal, convenience of location 




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many weeks does the camp operate for?
A. 8-weeks from Monday July 4 – Friday August 26.
Q. What type of camp is it?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough is a well-rounded summer day camp program for children ages 5-12yrs that offers specialty programming (i.e. Cooking) each morning with a different theme each week, followed by a simulated mini-university experience each afternoon. The afternoon programs consists of hourly rotations in Kids Science, Computers, and Arts and Crafts from 1-4pm. Also, Camp U of T provides a Youth Leadership Certificate Program for ages 13-15yrs.
Q. What are the hours of operation?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough operates from 9am–4pm Monday to Friday, though camp doors open at 8:30am. Ideally, children/youth should arrive between 8:30-8:45am each day for morning attendance procedures, especially on the first day of camp (July 4), and the first day of each subsequent camp week. Note: Extended Care (post-camp childcare) is an optional paid service that operates from 4:30pm-6pm each day after camp ends for children 5-12yrs.
Q. When is the deadline to register for camp?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough offers flexible weekly registration. Children must register by 12pm each Thursday before the upcoming camp week, they would like to attend. Registration will not be accepted over-the-weekend or mid-week during a camp session in progress, even if the
session is not full. The official “last day” to register for camp is Thursday, August 18 by 12noon in order to register one or more campers for the final week of camp from Monday, August 22 – Friday, August 26, should the session still have remaining spots available.
Q. The camp session(s) I want to register my child/youth for is sold-out, and I do not want to register for any other camp week(s), what can I do?
A. Email with your request and your child/ren will be placed on the waiting list and notified if a spot becomes available.
Q. What if I need to pick my child up early, or will have someone else pick up my child in the evening, whom do I inform?
A. We do understand that many campers may have pre-arranged appointments (i.e. medical) that are scheduled during the camp day and that unforeseen emergencies may arise, but we strongly advise parents not to get in the habit of picking their child/ren up early. Please ensure that extracurricular activities you register your child/ren for over the summer do not conflict or overlap with the camp program schedule. If you need to pick up your child/ren early, please email Camp Directors will respond to emails every hour of the camp day between 8:30am-12pm and 1pm-4pm Monday through Friday.
Q. My child is 4 years old and I want to register them for camp, is this possible?
A. The minimum age requirement for entry is 5yrs; however, allowances are made for children who are 4.5 that will turn 5 during the course of the summer or early Fall. Ultimately, as long as parents/guardians understand that their child must be comfortable and socially mature enough to be grouped with children aged 5-8 there should be no issues. Note: Efforts will be made to place young children in small group of 6 children aged 5-6.
Q. My child is 12 years old and I would like to register them for the Leadership Program (LIT: Leaders-in-Training) for 13-15 year olds?
A. The Leadership Program is a specialized 2-week certificate program for youth 13-15yrs; however, children who are aged 12 will be granted admission into the program as long as parents/ guardians’ are confident they will be socially mature enough to be grouped with youth 13-15yrs and to fully engage in program workshops, which are between 1-2.5 hours in duration.
Q. Does the camp offer any early-bird registration discounts or special incentives?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough offers a registration incentive of 10% off the total registration cost of one child (5-12yrs) registered for the entire 8-weeks of camp, purchased in one transaction.
Q. How early can I drop my children off in the morning?
A. 8:30am is the earliest children can be dropped off each morning. Parents/Guardians should drop off campers registered for Themed-Camps (i.e. Sports) at the registration desk inside the Event Centre (HL-170) on the main floor of the Highland Hall Building. Morning Greeters will be present in both locations to answer general questions and assist in way-finding. The morning drop-off locations is subject to change though highly unlikely. Parents will be notified in advance if changes occur.
Q. Will I have to pay for parking when I drop-off and pick-up my children in the morning?
A. No, parking is complimentary for camp registrants. Parents/Guardians will be provided a “parking pass” on the first day of the camp week that your child/ren are registered at the registration desk. Parking passes are to be placed on the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle, which will inform parking services of your affiliation with the camp. Those who fail to place the parking pass on the dashboard of your vehicle will be ticketed ($30 fee).
Q. Where is the day-end pick-up location for children and Leadership Youth?
A. The Event Centre Room (HL-170) on the main floor of the Highland Hall Building is the day-end pick-up location at 4:15pm.
Q. If camp days are missed due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, will a refund be provided?
A. Every case is different, but generally refunds are not provided – missed camp days can be made up on other themed camp weeks as long as there are available spots remaining.
Q. What time can I pick up my children?
A. 4:15pm. Although the day camp ends at 4pm, the official pick-up time is 4:15pm as there is a 15-minute transition period from 4:00–4:15pm due to the time it takes to commute from the last scheduled program area of the day to the designated pick-up location.
Q. Do you provide pre-camp care?
A. Sorry, Camp U of T Scarborough does not offer pre-camp care prior to 8:30am.
Q. Do you provide post-camp care?
A. Yes, we provide Extended Care, a paid childcare service for children 5-12 years from 4:30pm- 6pm. Children are in the supervision of mature camp staff with support from volunteers. Note: Parents/Guardians that pick up children registered for Extended Care after 6pm will be charged
a dollar a minute. Maximum charge for late-pick-up is $60. Parents/Guardians will be charged a dollar per minute for campers not registered for Extended Care picked up after 4:30pm.
Q. I am not sure if I want to place my child/ren on meal plan, can I opt to add it on later?
A. Absolutely! However, parents/guardians must register their child/ren for meal plan by 12pm on Thursday, the week prior to the registration week/s desired. Attempted meal plan registration over the weekend, or on Monday morning of the desired camp week, or mid-week
of a camp program in progress will not be accepted.
Q. I do not want to purchase the weekly meal plan, but I would like the option to pay for the meal plan on a specific day/s (pay-as-you-go) such as “pizza day” on Friday, is this possible?
A. Sorry, this is not possible; the meal plan is a weekly lunch plan service.
Q. Does the camp provide snacks for the children or do parents provide them?
A. The camp does not provide snacks for campers. All children and youth should bring a few small snacks each day placed in their backpack, which they can enjoy during the morning break period that will occur daily at 10:30am. On occasion, the camp will provide popsicles and/or freezie’s on hot days, or healthy nut-free snacks provided to the camp by an accredited supplier, but this is a rare occurrence.
Q. My child is shy and/or does not know any other children at camp, how do the Camp Counsellors ensure that all children have an enjoyable experience?
A. Camp is a wonderful environment for children to make new friends in addition to sharing experiences with friends they already know. However, some children are quite shy and may find it difficult to make friends, which is a common concern that parents/guardians have.
Camp UTSC staff will ensure that all children have an enjoyable summer experience. They are trained to be mindful of shy children that may be withdrawn, sad, and/or not engaging in camp activities, and will proactively make it a priority to approach them and engage them in activities, and to connect them with other campers.
Q. I would like my child/ren to be paired with their friend/s in the same group, how can this be arranged?
A. Sure, this is a simple arrangement if your child/ren are in the same age cohort, the same themed camp program of the same week, and if the session is not full. During the camp preseason (April – June) email with your request.
Note: As of July 4th up until Aug 20th, email your grouping-requests directly to one week in advance of the start of the registered camp session. Due to the number of grouping requests, not all requests are granted; however, we will do our best to pair your child with at least one friend. *The pairing of one friend is probable; more than one friend is a challenge due to our camper-to-camp staff ratio.
Q. How much does one week at camp cost?
A. The cost of a 5-day Themed Camp is $260per week/child. The 4-day camp (Wk. 5: Aug 2-5) is $208 per child. There are additional fees for optional services such as Lunch Meal Plan & Extended Care.
Q. How much does the Youth Leadership Certificate Program for ages 13-15yrs cost?
A. The 2-week (10-day) Leaders-in-Training certificate program fee is $590.00 per youth, or $531.00 per youth if registered for the 9-day LIT Session program from Aug 2-12. If your teen would like to partake in the meal plan service, the fee is $147.00 for each 2-wk 10-day program (Sessions 1, 2 and 4) and $132.25 for the 9-day programs (Session 3).
Q. What exactly is Themed-Camps?
A. Themed Camps is specialized programming for campers’ ages 5-12yrs that provides a structured workshop on a specific activity (i.e. Cooking) that provides children with hands-on experience and newfound skills they can use beyond the camp session.
Q. Can I register my child/ren for just half the day, in the morning or afternoon?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough does not provide the option to register for just the morning themed camp or just the afternoon mini-University programs. The themed camps and miniuniversity experience is a package deal.
Q. Do you offer any off-site trips?
A. Camp U of T Scarborough offers two team-building excursions (indoor rock-climbing and an overnight camping trip) for each Youth Leadership Program for ages 13-15yrs.
*Off-site day trips not provided for the Children’s Camps for ages 5-12yrs.
Q. What is the camper-to-camp staff ratio?
A. This varies program-to-program, however the general camper-to-counsellor ratio is 6:1 for the Themed Camps and 12:1 for the Leadership Program.



Camp U of T Scarborough takes pride in providing quality programs for children and youth through a variety of specialty themed camps, leadership workshops, inclusive activities and special events.

As a result, the overall health and safety of your children while participating in our programs is the top priority. Given the everchanging COVID-19 landscape, we are closely monitoring the situation and adapting our operations to align with the latest protocols from provincial health authorities and the University of Toronto.

Following specific guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health, Camp U of T Scarborough will adhere to protocols and procedures mandated for indoor and outdoor camp programming in July and August.

As it now stands, the wearing of masks and frequent cleaning of high-traffic program spaces and high-touch surfaces (doorknobs, tables and light switches) will be maintained in order to minimize health and safety risks.

View current COVID-19 measures at U of T Scarborough click here

For an in-depth overview of U of T’s masking requirements and guidelines, please review University’s Mask Guideline.


For registration support and questions email: