By: Abigail Ayala Romero The Yanapana Project was created as a joint effort by eight Ecuadorian students from three Canadian universities. As one of the founding members, I am writing this article to share our story. Yanapana Project officially launched in July 2020 after witnessing COVID 19’s impact on Ecuador’s less-resourced communities. The viral outbreak… Read More

By: Amber McNeil   5n2 volunteer Christine explains that when she recently retired, she looked for a volunteer opportunity. “My interests are cooking and gardening, so I wanted to do one of those two to me brings everybody together… I love working in an atmosphere where… everybody has a common purpose”. (Volunteer Highlights: Meet… Read More

By: Cheyanna Sammy Sitting on the border of Toronto and Pickering, Paul Wong’s Fine Chinese Cuisine has been serving the patrons of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for three decades. Over the years, Paul Wong’s has developed a well-established reputation making it one of the go-to Chinese restaurants in the eastern GTA. Not only is… Read More

By: Cheryl Cheung   With the support of the University of Toronto’s Student Engagement Award, I worked with Patrick Ren and Mabel Yang on a documentary covering the impact of COVID-19 on communities in the Greater Vancouver Area. A salient way to capture such stories is through a food lens. We subsequently filmed the documentary … Read More

by Matilda Dipieri With winter approaching, the Withrow Park Farmers Market prepares to wrap up the 2021 season after a successful summer operating. As COVID-19 continues imposing limitations on how the market operates, this season has been a true testament to Withrow Market’s longstanding community support. From its origins in 2006, local residents have managed… Read More

By Franzelah Gallo and Yusra Khalid 5n2 (formerly 5n2 Kitchens) is a charity organization that combats food insecurity in Toronto ,Canada, especially in the Scarborough-Guildwood area. Since its founding by Seema David in 2013, 5n2 has served over 474,000 people with culturally appropriate, freshly cooked, hot meals. 5n2 is also an important food rescue organization… Read More

by Cheryl Cheung and Yusra Khalid, Feeding City Lab The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated food insecurity issues in Canada. Since March 2020, community organizations across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have subsequently been helping less resourced populations get access to food. This article highlights the ways a few of those have quickly pivoted their activities… Read More

by Matilda Dipieri, Junior Researcher The Withrow Park Farmers Market is a longstanding farmers market in Toronto, located on the corner of Withrow Park in the East End of the city. As a result of the pandemic, Withrow Market, along with other farmers markets in Toronto, experienced significant uncertainty about its ability to open and… Read More

by Hannah Klemmensen, Junior Researcher As has been the case for so many, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant acute hardship for many university students. In particular, the pandemic has brought to focus a severe and pressing issue across university campuses: food insecurity. As students have lost jobs and faced unexpected expenses, they have also faced… Read More