By Amber McNeil, Junior Researcher In Canada, it is common for children to bring packed lunch to school each day. Yet, this is not the case in much of the world. Globally, over 388 million children in 161 countries receive a meal throughout the school day, but Canada remains the only G7 country without a… Read More

By Jasleen Sohal, Research Assistant In a world where connection and support are crucial, organizations like the South Asian Cultural and Health Association for Youth and Seniors (SACHAYS) play a vital role in fostering inclusivity and well-being within communities. SACHAYS, which stands for “truth,” is dedicated to upholding the values of sincerity, commitment, and inclusivity,… Read More

By Jasleen Sohal, Feeding City Research Assistant Feed Scarborough has made remarkable progress since its modest beginnings in 2020. What started as a small organization has now become an indispensable social service in Scarborough, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. With an unwavering commitment to combat food insecurity, Feed Scarborough has grown… Read More

By Siera Vercillo and Bruce Frayne. This study points to potential gaps in policies & interventions targeting young people in African agriculture by investigating their diverse mobilities, aspirations & engagements in northern Ghana. It challenges the prevalent notion of African farmers’ movements from rural to urban areas, and out of farming altogether, as we found… Read More

Sustainability Champions: The Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS) By: CIKS and the Feeding City Team Information about CIKS The Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS) is located in the city of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where it operates the CIKS Technology Resource Centre. CIKS is an important interlocutor in the… Read More

By: Noha Fikry, These reflections are based on a one-year of ethnographic fieldwork that I conducted between 2017-2018 on four urban rooftops in Cairo and Alexandria, the two largest cities in Egypt. On these rooftops, women rear chickens, goats, rabbits, turkeys, geese, and sheep to feed their families and gift their in-laws. Women primarily use… Read More

By: Matilda Dipieri, Junior Researcher The Scarborough Farmers Market and the Courtyard Farmers Market bring local, fairly priced, culturally appropriate, farm-fresh produce and artisanal products to the Greater Toronto Area’s socially-diverse communities. Managed by Jennifer Forde, founder of Red Onion Events/Quest Vision Management, both farmers markets make important strides towards food sovereignty in the region.… Read More

By: Amber McNeil About the Organization  Feed Scarborough’s vision is for a hunger–free, resilient Scarborough. They seek to empower their community and provide innovative solutions to reduce poverty through dignified access to food. Feed Scarborough’s founder Suman Roy has long been a leading voice in the study of campus food insecurity in Canada through his… Read More