Voices from the Food Frontlines, Pandemic and Beyond  The Feeding City Lab is pleased to present our new public scholarship podcast, Voices from the Food Frontlines, Pandemic and Beyond, launched Spring 2023. This series brings listeners sound stories, interviews, and cutting edge research on food frontline actors as they work to help create urban food… Read More

P O D C A S T S Voices from the Food Frontline Series Trailer Our first episodes are in post-production with Feeding City lab’s podcast team. Learn more at: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/projects/feedingcity/food-frontline-voices/  … Read More

The Jackman Humanities Institute published a story on March 9, 2021 about the benefits and possibilities of podcasting in the humanities. The article includes insights from producers of educational podcasts, including Feeding City’s Jaclyn Rohel. Access the full article here: Bringing Your Humanities Research to Life with Podcasting. … Read More