The Durham Food System Report Card aims to create an accessible overview of the Durham Region food system by bringing together relevant indicators and data from across a spectrum of food-related activities in the region. This supports the advancement of the regionally endorsed Durham Food Charter, a citizen-defined vision for a just and sustainable local… Read More

By Matilda Dipieri Abstract A vision for a more sustainable, just, and health-promoting food system comes from scholars, activist organizations, and communities alike. However, creating infrastructure and implementing policy that allows for the transition to a healthy, community-minded system comes with significant challenges and opposition, including a neoliberal policy legacy. Understanding the positive health impacts… Read More

The Scholars-in-Residence Program, undertaken annually at University of Toronto’s Victoria College, is a fantastic research opportunity for undergraduate students in the social sciences. Combining the fascinating disciplines of natural sciences, mathematics and social sciences, the various projects aim to foster creativity and solutions to unique challenges the world is facing today. This article is the… Read More

The Thunder Bay + Area Food Strategy released the 2023 Community Food System Report Card, which  provides an updated snapshot of the trends, challenges, and opportunities related to Thunder Bay’s regional food  system. There has been an array of pressures impacting our local food system in recent years, ranging from climate change to Covid to… Read More

In 2022, 6.9 million people in the ten provinces, including almost 1.8 million children, lived in a food-insecure household. This is a considerable increase from 2021 during a period of unprecedented inflation. Read the full report here. Please visit PROOF for more information on food insecurity.  … Read More