Pandemic & Beyond

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, local food producers, grassroot networks, independent food businesses and social enterprises, and other food frontline actors fed their communities in the face of increased food insecurity, supply chain blockages, and widening social inequities. Research shows the urgent need for knowledge dissemination on local food stakeholders — food security advocates, community gardens, independent grocery stores, farmers, street and market vendors – who have developed and enacted innovative solutions against considerable logistical and social challenges. Over 2022-2023, this SSHRC Connection project is establishing a web-based archive for outreach and holding participatory training and knowledge-sharing events.

The online platform features the voices of people active on the pandemic food frontlines, describing their experiences and practices for sustainable food futures. Over 2022-23, the Feeding City lab is producing a multi-episode podcast series dedicated to featuring new interviews. Episodes will be publicly available on this Feeding City lab webpage and on our Feeding City Youtube page. This initiative enhances prior collaborations to connect academic research and local food voices from Canada, the US, the UK, and the global South.

This project will also host workshops and multisensory experiential learning sessions, which will be preserved in the archive as curricular tools. These events will lead skill-building, showcase the new multi-media content and its connections to research, and teach participants how to use and interact with the archive to develop their own future iterations of voices from the food frontlines.



Voices from the Food Frontline Series

Our first episodes are in post-production with Feeding City lab’s podcast team. Stay tuned to this page in the coming weeks to listen to them!

2022-23 FC Lab Podcast Production Team

Feeding City Lab PI:

Dr. Jo Sharma

Team Lead:

Dr. Jaclyn Rohel

Student RAs and Interns:

Adam Bishop
Rayah Flash

Shathvahi Ramesh

Serena Yuan



Training Workshop: Podcasting & Public Humanities

Friday, January 13, 2023, 10am EST

Join Feeding City lab’s Jaclyn Rohel for an online workshop to learn about podcasting as a tool for public scholarship.

Jaclyn Rohel, New Media Public Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow at UofT’s Jackman Humanities Institute, will help you get started on developing your own podcast by breaking down the process, from initial planning through to post-production. She will cover opportunities and challenges, introduce the range of podcast formats, and share resources to support scholars in creating their own sound stories. This introductory session is open to faculty, postdocs, instructors, and students in the humanities and interpretative social sciences. Register here at JHI Events.