Daphne Berberyan for the Feeding City Lab in dialogue with Dr Michael Sacco  ChocoSol produces ethical and ecologically-sustainable chocolate in a bean-to-bar process. ChocoSol sources cacao beans from small farmers in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Ecuador. It roasts, winnows, and grinds them into chocolate in its Toronto production facility. A rustic approach of… Read More

This kitchen session hosted by Professor Siera Vercillo on June 1st, 2023 discussed challenges in the food system in Ghana, her research in partnership with the Ghana Food Movement in relation to food sovereignty, and included a demonstration and talk led by Chef Abiro on how to make Dawadawa Jollof. See below for a recording… Read More

The Culinaria Food Symposium took place from May 23rd to 25th, 2023 and featured panels and discussions with scholars from the University of Bologna and the University of Toronto about sustainable food futures, food security, and the work of culinary infrastructures and research in framing a better food system. See attached recordings for sessions from… Read More

The SF3 Summit took place at the University of Toronto Scarborough from June 23-24, 2022. The summit featured presentations and workshops from food scholars. Find attached recordings for Sessions 2 and 4. Session 2 featured graduate students Kilgore (UofT), Borkowsky (NYU), Fine (Stanford), Merriam (Minnesota), Dickau (UofT), Yesil (York), Bonisteel (UofT), and Ayala (UofT) in… Read More

This video is inspired by Abigail Ayala’s volunteer work at the Yanapana Project Foundation. It presents an analysis that unites theories of place identity and soundscape in terms of urbanity and rurality. It proudly shows the testimonies of members of the La Dolores neighborhood, who have collaborated with the Yanapana Project and the DeBase social… Read More