Management Clubs

Management and Economics Students Association

UTSC Management’s Departmental Students’ Association that aims to provide opportunities for development & growth to all management students

STRIVE Conference

STRIVE is a provincial wide conference to foster student growth and provide unique opportunities for undergraduate accounting students

AoA Logo

Association of Accountancy

AOA serves as the core organization that represents all aspects of the accounting profession at the University of Toronto Scarborough

LIVE Competition

LIVE is a leadership group focused on developing leaders, placing students in business scenarios, testing them on their skills and acumen.

Investment Society Logo

Investment Society

Investment Society aims to promote finance and investment related concepts and opportunities to students in all streams of Management

The Marketing Group

TMG main goal is to promote creative thought and expression in the marketing stream to represent the different aspects to marketing



DECA UTSC aims to train and develop the skills of UTSC students to compete and excel at DECA-U Competition

MTA Logo

Management Technology Association

MTA strives to bridge the gap between business and technology, by providing students with the necessary resources to be successful

Human Resources Alliance

HRA aims to bring together HR students and opportunities presented to them on campus, the workplace and in the industry


MIB Students' Association

MIBA aims to aid students view a borderless world through professional development, informational event and international opportuniities

MVP Logo

Most Valuable Protégé

MVP yearns to develop connections between senior and junior students to help engage and maintain a mentorship relationship in the community

ESO Logo

Economics Students' Association

ESO develops and bridges the gap between Economcs and Management students, raising awareness within the economics stream

Enigma Logo


Enigma aims to take the mystery out of communication, developing students’ skills and transforming them into confident communicators


Women In Business Association

WIBA raises awareness of the equality and opportunities of women in the business industry through networking and workshops