Recruitment Dates

Management Co-op offers three work terms annually: Winter, Summer and Fall. The recruitment process begins four months in advance of the work term. Each recruitment cycle consists of two rounds: a First Round, which involves a rank-match process; and a Continuous Round.

At the close of the First Round (i.e., after the ranking deadline), the Management Co-op office extends offers of employment to students on behalf of the employer. Employers do not extend offers directly to students in First Round.

All students who are not matched with an employer in First Round are eligible to participate in Continuous Round. In the Continuous Round, offers can be extended, through the Management Co-op Coordinators, as soon as the right candidates are identified. There is no ranking process in the Continuous Round. Students have 24 hours to consider their offer. 

The Management Co-op office coordinates all aspects of the recruitment cycle to serve the interests of both our students and employer partners. We welcome your job postings throughout the recruitment cycle.  

Please note the following important deadlines for the recruitment cycle corresponding to each work term:

    Student Work Term  
Key Dates in Recruitment Cycle
January to April
May to August
FALL 2019
September to December
First Round
Job Submissions
August 20 to October 12, 2018 December 17, 2018  to February 15, 2019 April 15 to June 14, 2019
Networking Breakfast
September 20, 2018 January 24, 2019 May 23, 2019
Student Interviews
September 21 to October18, 2018 January 25 to February 21, 2019 May 24, 2019
Submit Rankings
October 19, 2018 by 12:00 noon February 22, 2019 by 12:00 noon June 21, 2019 by 12:00 noon
End of First Round
Matches Confirmed
October 23, 2018 by 4:30 p.m. February 26, 2019 June 25, 2019
Continuous Round starts.
Post job descriptions, interview students, and extend offers
October 24, 2018 February 27, 2019 June 26, 2019
Work Term Begins*
January 2, 2019 May 1, 2019 September 3, 2019

* The start date is a realistic start date given exam and holiday schedules. Students and employers can negotiate to commence the work term earlier or later. The work term must be a minimum of 12 weeks in duration in order to qualify as a co-op work term.