Double Degree in Management & Finance (BBA) and Statistics—Quantitative Finance Stream (BSc)

Recent developments in finance, including innovative products and technologies such as FinTech and Robo Advising, favour an education that transcends traditional boundaries. Today’s financial industry seeks professionals with a broad range of expertise, covering business, management, quantitative analysis, and IT skills.

The Double Degree program is an accelerated pathway for students to acquire this broad range of knowledge while completing their Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Management and Finance and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Statistics (Quantitative Finance Stream) in five years. This program focuses on finance and quantitative methods, providing students with a thorough education in both the business and quantitative aspects of the financial industry.

  • Degree Offered: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Offered as Co-op: Yes
  • Program Options: Specialist

Program Admissions

  • Admissions Category: Double Degree
  • Supplementary Application Form Required: Yes
  • Admission Prerequisites: Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, English
  • Approximate Grade Requirements: High 80s (Non Co-op) / High 80s (Co-op)
  • OUAC Application Code: TXQ (Non Co-op) / TXR (Co-op)

Student Experience