Economics for Management Studies

Economics examines the market forces of supply and demand. Its theories seek to predict and explain the behaviour and interaction of all agents involved in a market system. Students in the Economics program at U of T Scarborough study how consumers and producers interact in a market economy to provide goods and services. Economics also studies how this process grows and changes over time, and under what circumstances it may fail to function in an optimal fashion. Economic policies to remedy those failures are also examined. This program provides a specialization for those wishing for a substantial component of economics in a Management degree leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The program is designed to allow students to learn practical skills of data analysis and to combine them with the interpretive dexterity provided by knowledge of economic theory.

In addition to the BBA Specialist in Economics for Management Studies, U of T Scarborough provides a Bachelor of Arts (BA) stream in Economics that allows students the flexibility to have a greater focus on economic theory and policy if they so choose. Program details for a major and minor in Economics for Management Studies can be found here.

Sample Economics Courses

For a full list of required courses to complete a Specialist in Economics for Management Studies please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Career Options

U of T Scarborough’s BBA degree specializing in Economics for Management Studies allows students to gain experience by applying the latest management and economics theories to real-world problems both inside and outside the classroom. Sample roles of work term students and recent graduates include:

  • Research Assistant
  • Policy Analyst
  • Assurance / Tax / Audit Associate
  • Profit and Loss Analyst
  • Consulting
  • Business Analyst
  • Operations Assistant
  • Project Assistant / Coordinator
  • Portfolio Administrator
  • Planning and Analysis Coordinator
  • Relationship Manager
  • Corporate Development Associate

Economics for Management Studies students secure co-op and full-time roles with successful companies such as:

  • Ontario Public Service
  • PwC Canada
  • Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan
  • City of Toronto
  • Toronto Hydro
  • Toronto Transit Commission
  • CIBC
  • Ontario Power Generation