Job Search Support for Co-op Students

U of T Scarborough Management Co-op students

Securing an awesome co-op job isn’t all about smarts. It’s about the value you bring.

Never had a job before and have no idea what *your value is? Not sure what employers are looking for? Don’t know how to talk about yourself and your experiences with confidence? Want to learn more about specific industries and companies? Need to build your tech skills?

We’ve got you covered!

Once you’ve been accepted to Management Co-op, you have access to a wide range of job search support services and resources designed to help you thrive in the program:

  • Build your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, practice for your interview, or explore your options and career goals during a 1:1 (one-on-one) appointment with an experienced career development professional.

  • Learn what it takes to get hired by attending industry- and company-specific events and networking with decision-makers.

  • Get the scoop on how to knock your work term out of the park by connecting directly with senior students who’ve “been there, done that!”

  • Position yourself as a tech whiz with hands-on training via The BRIDGE.

  • Access hundreds of job postings and find the right role for you through our Management Co-op exclusive application portal.

In Management Co-op, you’ll build your confidence alongside your resume knowing you’re supported at every point of your journey.


First Year

AYCE logo

During your first year in the program, you’ll take the Advancing Your Career Exploration (AYCE) course, designed to fully prepare you for the co-op job search process, provide insights into employer needs, and share experiences from other students that’ll help you better prepare for your transition into the workplace. 

By the end of the course you’ll know how to:

  • Analyze job descriptions and create winning resumes and cover letters.

  • Prep like a pro for interviews and online assessments.

  • Use social media and personal networks to build your profile in your target industry or even secure a job on your own.

  • Manage your time so you get everything done—and have time for fun and sleep.

  • Tackle data analytics.

  • Make a smooth and confident transition from student to employee.

AYCE is comprised of two (2) half non-credit courses: AYCE Part I and AYCE Part II. AYCE must be completed before you start seeking for your first co-op work term and should be taken in addition to a full course load. 

For students beginning in the fall term, you will be pre-registered for AYCE on your timetable. There is also a specific version of AYCE for Management and International Business (MIB) students, provided in both the fall and winter semesters. A compressed and accelerated version of Part I and Part II is offered during summers for internal admits and for those students who failed to pass AYCE their first try. Please note that COPA07 is not a course code. COPA07 is a co-op fee designation on ACORN.


Upper Year & Graduating Students 

If you haven't completed all of your work terms you may continue to access 1:1 appointments with Co-op Coordinators and Career Coaches (experienced senior Co-op students) as well as seminars, trainings, networking & info sessions designed to help meet you wherever you are in your career journey. Please use CSM to book an appointment.

Career support for all U of T Scarborough Management students, including upper year Co-op students & graduating students who've completed their work terms, is also available through your dedicated Management Career Strategist, Derek Smith.

  • Appointments with Derek are now being conducted by phone or virtually via Microsoft Teams. To book an appointment with Derek, please contact the Academic Advising and Career Centre at (416) 287-7561.


Services for students provided by both Co-op Staff & the Academic Advising and Career Centre include:

  • Resume teaching and critiquing

  • Job and co-op search help

  • Interview preparedness and mock interviews

  • Career exploration

  • Linked In teaching and profile critiquing

  • Strategic career planning

  • Workload & time management

  • & so much more!


Free Online Resources

Having trouble figuring out what you're good at and what you enjoy? Is setting goals or figuring out what skills to build and how challenging? We get it! To help you get to know and develop yourself better, co-op students, prospective students and all members of the U of T community have access the University's Experiential Learning Hub, which offers a variety of resources and training modules, including:

  • Understanding your strengths, values, and interests

  • Setting goals for experiential learning

  • Developing a personal learning plan for competency development

The insight gained from what you learn through this tool are an excellent complement to what you learn and practice in co-op as you work on securing your work terms!

Are you a trans or nonbinary student navigating your career journey? This guide created just for you can help.


New Grad? Congrats!

In addition to being able to access the UTSC Academic Advising and Career Centre at any point in your student journey, new grads may continue to access AA&CC services for 2 years following convocation! Check out all the career-building resources available to new grads, including a special job search portal, through the AA&CC's Jobs for Grads programming.


Worried About Grades?

We know academics can be stressful. Be sure to take advantage of the many academic support services available to all Management students.

If you need support, ASK! We want you to succeed as much as you do!