International Students

International Students

Co-op is an excellent educational element to your degree which will help you succeed in your new Canadian experience. There are several elements that you will need to pay attention to:

  • Additional Work Term Preparation Course events
  • Co-op work permits. The International Student Centre is your first resource with respect to work permits, etc.
  • University Health Insurance Plan.

Work Term Preparation Course Events

Through supplementary Work Term Preparation Course events, you will have the opportunity to learn about adjusting to the Canadian workplace, how to apply for work permits and more. Dates will be provided in the course.

Work Permits

In order to complete a Co-op work term here in Canada, you will need a co-op work permit.

  • Apply about 12 to 16 weeks before the start of your first job search (7 months before your work term). 
  • If your work permit is expiring in the next twelve months, you should renew it.

The University Health Insurance Plan

UHIP, the University Health Insurance Plan, is a compulsory plan for all students of the University of Toronto and their qualifying dependents who are not covered by OHIP (the Ontario Health Insurance Plan). This includes international students, exchange students and returning Canadians in their 3 month OHIP wait period. The plan covers students and their dependents for most doctors and hospital visits in Ontario much like OHIP coverage. For more information, visit It is very important to pick up your UHIP card. Do so via Health & Wellness (