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A Reputable Program

The University of Toronto's co-operative education programs are offered primarily at Scarborough since 1974, we are one of the only officially CEWIL-accredited co-op programs in the University of Toronto. Students complete a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program where they alternate between working and studying full time. We offer multiple diverse academic specializations for students who are interested in building expert knowledge across various functional areas. We continue to innovate annually: this year, we expanded professional pathways in finance and accounting that are recognized by CPA, CFA, and ACCA, which will expedite professional accreditation for our accounting students. We are also the first academic area to achieve at least one applied learning experience where real-time industry projects are part of the learning journey for every BBA student.

A Reputation for Excellence: Admissions Criteria

Prior to entering our competitive program, students must meet high academic standards and demonstrate a strong commitment to success in their chosen field.

Co-op Education Is a Unique Program

Our co-op work terms are structured as a three-way partnership between the University of Toronto, the student, and the employer. Practical work placements alternate with study terms. Work placements begin in January, May, or September for 4 or 8 month terms. With Management Co-op, you become part of the University of Toronto's diverse learning community.

High Academic Standards

Ours is the most competitive BBA program at the University of Toronto. Students are selected for the Co-op Program in Management through stringent admission criteria and maintain high academic standing over the four-year program. The Co-op Program in Management accepts approximately 300 students per year.

The majority of these students are admitted directly from secondary school with a Grade 12 average in the mid-80s and above. These students are also expected to have an exceptional co-op application profile, along with strong mathematical skills. For more information, please visit the Admissions website.

Our program is continually enhanced to stay on the cutting edge. This provides a proven formula for success through an advanced curriculum. Learn more about courses.

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