Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Students who have decided not to pursue the BBA degree have the option of working towards a BA degree through either the Major or Minor Program in Economics. These are both Arts degrees. The Major Program consists of six full course equivalents of Economics, one-half full course equivalent in Mathematics and one in Humanities. The Minor Program consists of four full course equivalents of Economics. Refer to the Course Calendar for more detailed information.

BBA vs. Major and Minor Programs in Economics for Management Studies

The University of Toronto Scarborough’s Academic Calendar states that students in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program (BBA) may NOT jointly enroll in either a Minor or Major Program in Economics for Management Studies. In all Specialist Programs leading to a BBA students are required to take MGEA02H, MGEA06H, MGEB02H, MGEB06H, MGEB11H, MGEB12H, and one full course equivalent at the C-level. Since the course requirements for the Minor Program are entirely contained within the BBA Program, it CANNOT be granted in addition to the BBA. In the same sense, since the course requirements for the Major Program greatly overlap with those of the BBA, it too CANNOT be granted in addition to the BBA. 

Under “Regulations Concerning Program of Study” in the 2015-16 Academic Calendar (pg.18) it states: "Where a student completes the requirements of a Minor Program and subsequently chooses to complete a Major or Specialist Program in the same area the student may use the courses already accredited to the Minor Program to fulfill the requirements of the Major or Specialist Program."