Recruiting a Note Taker

Note takers are recruited in the following ways:
In-class (On-site or remote classes): You are required to send or deliver a Note Taking Package (see below) to your instructor. This package includes a letter asking your instructor to make a recruitment announcement in class. Please ask your instructor to read through the package, and indicate that you require a peer note taker for their class.
Note: If there are no note takers available for your course one week after your Instructor's recruitment announcement, you must inform AccessAbility Services. We will schedule additional recruitment measures.
Self-recruitment: This method is recommended for those who feel comfortable asking a peer or friend in class to be a note taker.
Marketing and Display Booths: Our Outreach Team assists us in marketing and leading display booths to inform students of volunteer opportunities and encourage students to sign-up as peer note takers.
Note Taking Packages contains 2 documents:
  1. Call for Volunteer Note Takers [PDF] - Information on recruiting peer note takers which includes suggested text for an in-class announcement
  2. A Note Taker recruitment poster [PDF] - to be added to the course page or Power Point slide deck.
It is very important to provide the Note Taking Packages to your course instructors at the beginning of the school term, or as soon as possible. If you do not feel comfortable providing the Note Taking Packages to your professors directly, please let us know as soon as possible so we can assist you.  Email us at or call 416-287-7560. 
We recommend you to deliver the package during your professor's office hours or at the beginning of the class. You can also email the electronic package to your professor. Do not delay the delivery of the Note Taking Packages as this could impact the length of time it takes to obtain your note taking accommodations.
If your professor has not made an announcement after you have provided the note taking package, please follow-up with a reminder and/or inform our office.
If an announcement is not made during the next lecture, or you do not see a recruitment message on your course page, please notify AccessAbility Services immediately.
Contact Us.  Email or call 416-287-7560.