Students in our Introductory Psychology courses (PSYA01 and PSYA02) learn about research that provides much of our understanding of mental processes. Opportunities to participate in experiments augment this knowledge and allow students to become actively involved in the learning.

SONA was created to allow researchers who conduct experiments with human participants to recruit students from the two introductory courses. Upon logging into SONA, students can see which projects are in need of participants and can obtain some information about the projects. Students who are interested in participating in a study can sign up for an available session. The system then removes this session from the pool of available times and keeps track of appointments.

SONA provides a number of other features that are helpful to researchers and participants. They include the management of credits, an online "statement" earned credits, automated reminder e-mails to participants, and printable "day" forms that allow a researcher to print out lists of appointments for any given day.

For questions or researcher account setup, please contact Note: Account requests must come from UTSC Psychology PIs.