Adam Martin

Adam Martin
Assistant Professor
Environmental Science
416 287-7326


Adam Martin is an ecologist in the Centre for Critical Development Studies and the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. He is interested in how differences in the morphological, chemical, and physical characteristics of plants – or their functional traits – influence the structure and function of agroecosystems. He is particularly interested in understanding how differences in leaf functional traits, both between and within crops, influence agroecosystem resilience and resistance to global change. While his research is applicable to a range of agroecosystems, the majority of it is currently based in coffee agroforestry systems throughout Central America. Adam also maintains active research on the carbon dynamics of tropical forests throughout Central America, the Caribbean, and South-east Asia. Along with his collaborators, Adam has published in a number of reputable open-access journals including PLoS ONE, AoB Plants, and Forests, as well as leading plant ecology journals such as New Phytologist and Tree Physiology.


Selected Publications: 

Martin, A. R., D. L. Erickson, W. J. Kress, and S. C. Thomas. 2014. Wood nitrogen concentrations in tropical trees: phylogenetic patterns and ecological correlates. New Phytologist. Martin, A. R. and S. C. Thomas. 2011. A reassessment of carbon content in tropical trees. PLos One 6:e23533. Martin, A. R. and S. C. Thomas. 2013. Size-dependent changes in leaf and wood chemical traits in two Caribbean rainforest trees. Tree Physiology 33:1338-1353. Thomas, S. C. and A. R. Martin. 2012. Carbon content of tree tissues: a synthesis. Forests 3:332-352.