Chemistry Courses


Summer 2024CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms 
Summer 2024CHMB16H3 Techniques in Analytical Chemistry 
Summer 2024CHMB42H3 Organic Chemistry II  
Summer 2024CHMD90Y3 Directed Research  
Summer 2024CHMD91H3 Directed Research  
Summer 2024PSCB90H3 Physical Sciences Research Experience 


Fall 2024CHMA10H3 Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding 
Fall 2024CHMB16H3 Techniques in Analytical Chemistry 
Fall 2024CHMB20H3 Chemical Thermodynamics and Elementary Kinetics 
Fall 2024CHMB23H3 Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics: Theory and Practice
Fall 2024CHMB31H3 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry 
Fall 2024CHMB41H3 Organic Chemistry I  
Fall 2024CHMC11H3 Principles of Analytical Instrumentation 
Fall 2024CHMC20H3 Intermediate Physical Chemistry 
Fall 2024CHMC47H3 Bio-Organic Chemistry  
Fall 2024CHMD11H3 Application of Spectroscopy in Chemical Structure Determination
Fall 2024CHMD59H3 Modelling the Fate of Organic Chemicals in the Environment
Fall 2024CHMD69H3 Bioinorganic Chemistry
Fall 2024CHMD79H3 Topics in Biological Chemistry  
Fall 2024CHMD89H3 Introduction to Green Chemistry 
Fall 2024CHMD90Y3 Directed Research  
Fall 2024CHMD91H3 Directed Research  


Winter 2025CHMA10H3 Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding 
Winter 2025CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms 
Winter 2025CHMA12H3 Advanced General Chemistry  
Winter 2025CHMB21H3 Chemical Structure and Spectroscopy 
Winter 2025CHMB41H3 Organic Chemistry I  
Winter 2025CHMB42H3 Organic Chemistry II  
Winter 2025CHMB55H3 Environmental Chemistry  
Winter 2025CHMB62H3 Introduction to Biochemistry  
Winter 2025CHMC16H3 Analytical Instrumentation  
Winter 2025CHMC31Y3 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 
Winter 2025CHMC42H3 Organic Synthesis  
Winter 2025CHMC71H3 Medicinal Chemistry
Winter 2025CHMD16H3 Environmental and Analytical Chemistry 
Winter 2025CHMD39H3 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Winter 2025CHMD47H3 Advanced Bio-Organic Chemistry  
Winter 2025CHMD90Y3 Directed Research  
Winter 2025CHMD91H3 Directed Research  
Winter 2025CHMD91H3 Directed Research  
Winter 2025PSCB90H3 Physical Sciences Research Experience