MSc in Environmental Science Overview

The purpose of the MSc in Environmental Science is to train bachelor of science or engineering graduates in the design, execution, and dissemination of research that is focused on the interfaces between traditional disciplines in dealing with fundamentally scientific, environment-focused issues. This is a full-time, 16-month program with a unique May start date that will help students to more rigorously gather data towards the completion of a MSc thesis. The MSc in Environmental Science program will allow students to address major emerging research themes in the environment and pursue projects that make use of complementary research concepts, approaches, and tools. Faculty members are cross-appointed from several departments including: chemistry, earth sciences, geography, ecology and evolutionary biology, cell and systems biology, engineering, forestry, and physics, ensuring supervision of research projects across a broad range of expertise and research facilities. This program will engage these strengths in order to foster research that is critical for finding solutions to, or elucidating the root causes of, today’s critical environmental challenges.