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Onboarding and Training

Onboarding and Training Requirements

Scope: The registration and training requirements described herein applies to all incoming:

  • Laboratory Personnel
  • Graduate Students
  • Undergraduate Students (performing research activities under the supervision of a faculty member)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • Unpaid Intern / Student Research Trainees
  • Volunteers and Visitors (if staying for more than 1 month)


Prior to starting commencing any research work in a lab, all individuals will be required to complete:

  • The Department Personnel Registration and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) document
  • The following EHS online training
    • EHS002 - Basic Health and Safety Awareness
    • EHS528 - Slips, Trips and Falls
    • EHS536 - Office Ergonomics
  • Additional Requirements for individuals working in a Wet Lab:
    • EHS101 - WHMIS and Lab Safety Training
    • DPES Basic Laboratory Safety Training

Key/fob access to DPES research facilities will NOT be granted until all of the above requirements have been fulfilled. More information regarding the process for requesting lab access can be found here.

Special Instructions for Undergraduates enrolled in a research course or work study project:

Failure to complete the requirements within the first 3 weeks of your start date could see you removed from the course or your work contract may be cancelled after consultation with your supervisor/course instructor.


Onboarding Documents

PREP Form            Lab Access Check List

Key/Fob Access Request Forms

EV Building            SW Building            SY Building

Key/Fob Deposit Payment Instructions

Payment Instructions

Key/Fob Return Form

Key Return and Deposit Refund

DPES Key/Fob Access FAQ

How do I obtain a fob and/or key to access my office and lab space?

In order to obtain a fob and/or key to access your office and lab space, you will need to successfully complete the Onboarding and Training requirements indicated above.

Once your PREP document has been submitted to the Technical Operations Manager, you will be provided with instructions on how to obtain and pick-up your fob and/or key for your office and lab space.

Is a deposit required to obtain a fob and/or key?

Yes. Each fob and/or key will require a $20 deposit, which will be refunded to you when you return your fob and/or key in the future.

Deposit payment instructions can be found at the following link.

How do I extend my fob expiration date?

Please notify your supervisor. Your supervisor will then be required to email the Administrative and Financial Assistant to request a new fob expiration date.

How do I acquire access to additional areas?

Please notify your supervisor. Your supervisor will then be required to email the Administrative and Financial Assistant to request access.

How do I report a lost fob or key?

Lost fob(s) and/or key(s) must be reported immediately to the Technical Operations Manager.

Once reported, you will be provided with instructions on how to receive a replacement fob and/or key.

How do I return my fob and/or key?

Upon the completion of your academic studies or research work assignment, please complete the Fob/Key Return and Deposit Refund form.

A staff member will contact you with instructions on how to return your fob and/or key, and receive any associated deposits.