Welcome to CHMStores

CHMStores aims to provide the UTSC community with the support and resources necessary to succeed in their research and academic endeavours.


The following comprises a list of services we offer:

  • Sales of commonly utilized chemicals and consumables.
  • Procurement of chemicals and consumables.
  • Chemical and hazardous waste disposal.
  • Packing slip repository.
  • Concurrent chemical inventory tracking.
  • Receiving for ESCB.


Account Authorization Form

Fill out and submit this form for a CHMStores account, addition of new accounting codes and or the addition of new purchasers to existing accounts.




To initiate a Purchase Requisition: Please complete the form electronically and fill in, at minimum, all highlighted cells.  Email the completed form to your supervisor/manager for approval.

To approve the Purchase Requisition: Your supervisor will forward the email, using his/her university email account, to Chemical Stores (  The Purchase Requisition form will be reviewed to ensure all information is complete and accurate before forwarding the order to the vendor.

To complete an order and prepare the invoice for payment: Please forward a signed Copy of the Packing Slip to Chemical Stores (electronic or hard copy) so that all required documentation (Purchase Requisition, Invoice, Packing Slip) will be available to our DPES Financial staff in order to approve the invoice for payment processing by Financial Services.

For purchases greater than $5,000 CAD, completed Purchase Requisitions with all required supporting documentation will continue to be submitted to Jennifer. However, to streamline the process and provide consistency, you are encouraged to complete the new Purchase Requisition form electronically before printing it off and submitting it to Jennifer for approval.

If you have further questions regarding the new Purchase Requisition process for purchases less than $5,000 CAD, please feel free to contact our DPES Financial or Chemical Stores Staff.

NOTE: In order to completely fill out the form you must FIRST select a request type and a deliver to/ service location.



The Purchase Requisition Form is an xlsx format which is compatible with most Mac and Windows versions of Excel. Please save the Form in the default xlsx format to ensure all features remain functional.


Instructions on how to properly complete the purchase requisition form can be viewed below.