DPES Finance FAQ

Please refer to the Expense Reimbursement Check-list available on the Department website, available here.  More detailed information can also be found within the University of Toronto Guide to Financial Management: Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses. Don't forget to include:

  • google maps for mileage claims
  • credit card statements or foreign currency pages to support CDN $ equivalents being claimed
  • detailed meal receipts
  • proof of all payments
  • car rental agreements

conference programs at-a-glance (or link to conference website if not available).

Complete and sign a Missing Receipt form for the incomplete documents, and have it signed by your supervisor. It needs to be submitted with the expense claim.

If travel combined personal and business, include a flight comparison for actual conference/field work dates to show that the university did not incur additional airfare expense for the extended travel dates outside of the business travel. 

Discuss with your supervisor and note on the expense claim form so that the DPES Financial team is aware to adjust the claim accordingly. Once the expense is audited and approved in DPES, it will be forwarded to the Vice-Principal Research Office for further approval and accounts. VPRO will then forward the claim to Financial Services for processing.

The are many phone apps that converts enables the phone to take pdf images of documents.  If you are unable to access to those apps, take a photo.

Keep them organized in a secure space.  Once normal Business Operations resume, you and your Supervisor will be expected to sign the claim and then you are required to submit the Reimbursement form with ALL original receipts to the Department. 

No, as part of the approval process provided by Financial Services, all submissions and approvals MUST be sent from and received by University of Toronto email accounts.

Yes, you will need to provide a wet signature on all expense claims previously processed electronically .