Physics & Astrophysics Programs and Supervisors

Specialist Program in Physics and Astrophysics (Science)

Supervisor of Studies: Johann Bayer (416-287-7327) Email:

Specialist Program in Environmental Physics (Science)

Supervisors of Studies: Julian Lowman (416-208-4880)  Email:

Specialist Program in Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Science)

Supervisor of Studies: Fall 2018 Pawel Artymowicz (416-287-7244) Email: 
This Program provides a framework of courses in the Physical Sciences based upon a firm Mathematical foundation, relating Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Statistics. It prepares students for careers in teaching, industry, and government as well as for further studies at the graduate level.

Major Program in Physical Science (Science)

Supervisor of Studies: Diana Valencia (416-208-2986) Email:  
The Major Program in Physical Sciences is intended for students desiring a general background in the physical sciences (with emphasis in the area of astronomy, physics and physical chemistry) but who do not intend to pursue graduate studies.

Major Program in Physics and Astrophysics (Science)

Supervisor of Studies: Salam Tawfiq (416-287-7243) Email:

Minor Program in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Science)

Supervisor of Studies: Kristen Menou (416-287-5060) Email: