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Our department is built on a strong foundation of dedicated faculty who are engaged in vital research to better understand our environment. This Department is a multidisciplinary unit comprised of four primary groups: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies and Physics & Astronomy. These groups also expand into other cutting edge fields such as Biological Chemistry and Planetary Physics. With the knowledge gained through research, the Department provides a balanced and well rounded education for its students to understand our planet and how we influence and are influenced by it.


Better living through Chemistry. Our Chemistry Program will guide you from the fundamental to the hottest field in Chemistry.

Environmental Science

Understanding the dynamics of both natural and anthropogenic environmental change requires knowledge spanning many scientific disciplines.

Environmental Studies

Gain skills and knowledge necessary to environmental practice. Together we will channel your creativity and intelligence to build a more sustainable society.

Physics and Astrophysics

Research strengths include theoretical work and high-performance computing related to questions in the fields of general relativity and planetary system formation.

Combined BSc/MEng Degree Programs

For exceptional students on their third year to apply for admission to Master of Engineering Programs

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Transfer Credit

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