Information for Employers

Information for Employers

Thank you for your interest in hiring an internship student from the University of Toronto Scarborough’s Master of Environmental Science Program (MEnvSc). Our program attracts intelligent and hardworking students who are motivated to contribute to your organization.

Master of Environmental Science - Program Overview 

The Master of Environmental Science (MEnvSc) is a course-based professional graduate program that can be completed within 12-months. Students typically come from undergraduate training in environmental science, geology, biology, chemistry, physics or engineering. 

The MEnvSc program offers three specializations: 

  1. Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems: Students are trained to understand the flux of contaminants and excess nutrients through surface and sub-surface environments and the methods/solutions needed to remediate contaminated or damaged environmental systems. 
  2. Conservation and Biodiversity: Students are trained in the application of ecological theory and principles to real-world conservation challenges. 
  3. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Students are trained in the science, data analysis, and rigorous assessment process for the impacts of climate change on a wide range of natural and human systems 

Our students have access to over 30+ challenging graduate courses that prepare them for the professional world of work and are taught by some of Canada’s brightest scientists and industry leaders.  

Master of Environmental Science – Internship Overview

MEnvSc candidates pursuing the Internship option complete a work term during the summer months. Since the program’s inception, MEnvSc interns have secured dynamic roles across all sectors and industries of the environmental science landscape. MEnvSc internships are required to be: 

  • Environmental Science related
  • A minimum of 16 consecutive weeks long (typically within the Summer semester from May - August)
  • Full-time work (typically 35-37.5 hours/week) 
  • Paid employment (typically at least minimum wage) 

Our exclusive job board opens annually on December 1. Employers are encouraged to post early to have access to the most robust talent pool possible. 

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