Environmental Studies Courses

The Environmental studies program balances a strong foundation in the core sciences while building bridges among various disciplines on our campus. This prepares our environmental studies students to become better equipped to deal with highly versatile issues facing our planet.

The Environmental Studies Program is split into three general phases

  1. Introductory Phase
  2. Core Phase
  3. Capstone & Application Phase

Please be sure to check the UTSC calendar for actual course offering dates...the inclusion of a course on this list does not imply a committment that the course will be offered in any particular semester.


Introductory Phase (2.5 credits in total)

EESA01 Introduction of Environmental Science Mitchell, C.
ESTB01 Introduction of Environmental Studies MacLellan, J.
MGEA01 Introduction to Microeconomics Ho, H.
MGEA05H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics Parkinson, J.


0.5 Credits from:

ANTB01H3 Political Ecology Cohen, S.
GGRA03H3 Cities and Environments Buckley, M.
POLA01H3 Critical Issues in Politics I Hoffmann, M.
POLA02H3 Critical Issues in Politics II Way, L.
POLB80H3 Introduction to International Relations I LaRoche, C./Pratt, S.


0.5 Credits from:

EESA06H3 Introduction to Planet Earth Eyles, N.
EESA07H3 Water Stefanovic, J.
EESA09H3 Wind Mohsin, T.
EESA10H3 Human Health and the Environment Stefanovic, S.
EESA11H3 Environmental Pollution  
EESB18H3 Natural Hazards Meriano, M.



Core Phase (4.0 credits in total)

ESTC35H3 Environmental Science and Technology in Society Klenk, N.
ESTC36H3 Knowledge, Ethics and Environmental Decision-Making Klenk, N.
IDSB02H3 Development and Environment Martin, A.
STAB22H3 Statistics I (or equivalent) Samarakoon, M.


2.0 credits from:

EESB03H3 Principles of Climatology Mohsin, T.
EESB04H3 Principles of Hydrology Stefanovic, J.
EESB05H3 Principles of Soil Science Martin, A.
EESB17H3 Hydro Politics and Transboundary Water Resources Management  
EESC13H3 Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing Meriano, M.
EESD13H3 Environmental Law, Policy and Ethics Rempe, G.
ESTC34H3 Sustainability in Practice Martin, A.
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning Brauen, G.
GGRB21H3 Environments and Environmentalisms Kepe, T.
GGRC22H3 Political Ecology Theory and Applications  
GGRC26H3 Geographies of Environmental Governance  
GGRC44H3 Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development Tessaro, D.
POLC53H3 Canadian Environmental Policy Pentz, B.
POLD89H3 Global Environmental Politics Hoffmann, M.
SOCC37H3 Environment and Society  



Capstone & Application Phase (2.0 credits in total)

ESTD16H3 Project Management in Environmental Studies MacLellan, J.
ESTD17Y3 Cohort Capstone Course in Environmental Studies MacLellan, J.
ESTD18H3 Environmental Studies Seminar Series MacLellan, J.