Master of Environmental Science Overview

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The Master of Environmental Science (MEnvSc) program is a 12-month course-based professional program committed to the development of well-trained practitioners in environmental science, primarily to meet the needs of industry, governments, and environmental policy/education organizations.

The MEnvSc offers three fields of study:

  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems: A major focus is understanding the flux of contaminants and excess nutrients through surface and sub-surface environments and the methods/solutions needed to remediate contaminated or damaged environmental systems.
  • Conservation and Biodiversity: A major focus is the application of ecological theory and principles to real-world conservation challenges.
  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Students are trained in the science, data analysis, and rigorous assessment process for the impacts of climate change on a wide range of natural and human systems.

Each field is designed to allow flexibility for students with different backgrounds. All options have access to a broad range of course offerings.

In all three fields, after eight months of coursework, students complete either a 4-month:


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The MEnvSc program has the support of two dedicated internship coordinators who help students find and successfully complete an internship by focusing on the development of their job seeking, interpersonal, communication, and critical thinking skills.

The MEnvSc program works closely with a broad employer base for internship opportunities.

Research-stream students receive intensive and individualized academic and research support from supervisors of their choice.

A Part-time study option is also available.

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