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♣ Tree Functional Traits and Forest Ecosystem Processes

Martin A, Doraisami M, and Thomas S (2018)
Global patterns in wood carbon concentration across the world’s trees and forests.
Nature Geoscience 11 (12): 915-920 PDF

Martin A, Gezahegn S, and Thomas S (2015)
Intraspecific variation in carbon and nitrogen concentration among major woody tissue types in temperate trees.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 45: 744-757 PDF

Martin A, Erickson D, Kress W, and Thomas S (2014)
Wood nitrogen concentration in tropical trees: phylogenetic patterns and ecological correlates.
New Phytologist 204(3): 484-495 PDF

Thomas S and Martin A (2012)
Carbon content of tree tissues: a synthesis.
Forests 3: 332-352 PDF

Martin A and Thomas S (2011)
A reassessment of carbon content in tropical trees.
PLoS ONE 6: e23533 PDF


ψ Crop Functional Traits and Agroecosystems Processes

Fulthorpe R, Martin A, and Isaac M (2020)
Root endophytes of coffee (Coffea arabica): variation across climatic gradients and relationships with functional traits.
Phytobiomes Journal 4: 27-39  PDF

Boden K, Anglaaere L, Owusu S, Martin A, Buchanan S, Addo-Danso S, Isaac M (2020)
Soil texture moderates root functional traits in agroforestry systems across a climatic gradient.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 295 PDF

Coleman B, Martin A, Thevathasan N, Gordon A, Isaac M (2020)
Leaf trait variation and decomposition in short-rotation woody biomass crops under agroforestry management.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 298 PDF

Buchanan S, Isaac M, Van den Meersche K, Martin A (2019)
Functional traits of coffee along a shade and fertility gradient in coffee agroforestry systems.
Agroforestry Systems 93 (4), 1261-1273 PDF

de Quadros P, Martin A, Zhalnina K, Dias R, Giongo A, Fulthorpe R, Bayer C, Triplett E, Camargo FAO (2019)
Lablab Purpureus Influences soil fertility and microbial diversity in a tropical maize-based no-tillage system.
Soil Systems 3(3), 59 PDF

Isaac M and Martin A (2019)
Accumulating crop functional trait data with citizen science.
Scientific Reports 9: article 15715 PDF

Martin A, Hayes F, Borden K, Buchanan S, Gordon A, Isaac M, and Thevathasan N (2019)
Integrating nitrogen fixing structures into above- and below-ground functional trait spectra in soy (Glycine max).
Plant and Soil  440: 53-69 PDF

Hayes F, Buchanan S, Coleman B, Gordon A, Reich P, Thevathasan N, Wright I, and Martin A (2018)
Intraspecific variation in soy across the leaf economic spectrum.
Annals of Botany 123: 107-120 PDF

Martin A, Hale C, Cerabolini B, Cornelissen H, Craine J, Gough W, Kattge J, and Tirona C (2018)
Inter- and intraspecific variation in leaf economics traits in wheat and maize.
AoB Plants 10: ply006 PDF *Editor’s Choice* 

Martin A and Isaac M (2018)
Functional traits in agroecology: advancing description and prediction in agroecosystems.
Journal of Applied Ecology 55:  5-11 PDF

Martin A, Rapidel B, Roupsard O, Meersche KV, Filho EV, Barrios M, and Isaac M (2017)
Intraspecific trait variation across multiple scales: the Leaf Economics Spectrum in coffee.
Functional Ecology 31: 604-612 PDF

Furze J, Martin A, Nasielski J, Thevathasan N, Gordon A, and Isaac M (2017)
Resistance and resilience of root fungal communities to water limitation in a temperate agroecosystem.
Ecology and Evolution 7: 3443-3454 PDF

Martin A and Isaac M (2015)
Plant functional traits in agroecosystems: a blueprint for research.
Journal of Applied Ecology 52: 1425-1435 PDF


∇ Anthropogenic Changes in Crop Diversity

Martin A, Cadotte M, Isaac M, Milla R, Violle C, and Vile D (2019)
Regional and global shifts in crop diversity through the Anthropocene.
PLoS ONE 14(2): e0209788 PDF


× Other themes: Microbial Ecology, Environmental Management, and Environmental Education

Kattge J, Bönisch G, Díaz S, Lavorel S, Prentice I, Leadley P, Tautenhahn S, Werner G, The TRY Consortium (including Martin A), Wirth C (2020). TRY plant trait database – evolution towards enhanced coverage and open access.
Global Change Biology 26(1): 119-188  PDF

Lin T, Gritten D, Hitun K, and Martin A (2019)
Contributions of community forestry to climate change adaptation: evidence from the dry zone of Myanmar.
International Forestry Review 21(3): 324-340 PDF

Arnillas C, Smith S, Ni F, and Martin A (2019)
Biogeography in conservation: tools to explore the past and future of species in a changing world.
Lessons in Conservation 9 (1): 55-94 PDF

Bugiel L, Livingstone S, Isaac M, Fulthorpe R, and Martin A (2018)
Impacts of invasive plant species on soil biodiversity: a case study of dog-strangling vine (Vincetoxicum rossicum) in a Canadian national park.
Canadian Journal of Soil Science 98: 716-723 PDF