MAccFin Eligibility and Application Process


In order to be considered for admission to the Master of Accounting and Finance program you must meet the following critieria:

Completion of an appropriate 4-year undergraduate degree with a specialization in Accounting

  • University of Toronto applicants must have completed a Specialist undergraduate program in Accounting from any of the three campuses; OR
  • Non- University of Toronto applicants must have completed a substantially equivalent academic program from a recognized university

Academic Achievement

  • A minimum overall grade average of B or 73% across core course requirements (see links below)
  • Within that average, core courses must be completed with a minimum achievement of a C+ or 65% grade

Applicants from the University of Toronto: Please click here for a list of the core requisite courses

Non-University of Toronto Applicants: Please click here for a list of the core requisite courses

English Language Proficiency

  • Qualifying undergraduate degree where the language of instruction and examination is in English


  • Satisfactory performance on a standardized English Language Test:
    • TOEFL – Minimum score required is 100
    • IELTS – Minimum score required is 7.0

Application Procedure

Applications will be accepted online through the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies via

We will be assessing applications on a rolling basis, assessing each prospective student upon submission of completed application.

To start your application please visit

  1. Complete required documentation (See below for more information)
  2. Schedule at least 30-60 minutes
  3. Register on
  4. Create a personal profile, including academic background
  5. Nominate references
  6. Pay application fee ($120)


For your application, please prepare the following:

Statement of Interest 

An essay of 250-400 words, written solely by you, which outlines your motivation for applying to the program and what you will accomplish during and after your studies.


Maximum two (2) pages summarizing your personal, academic and professional accomplishments. Please highlight those accomplishments that will demonstrate your ability to complete the MAccFin program.

Academic Reference Letters

Minimum two (2) required. These are generally completed by a professor that you have studied/worked with in the past. Your reference must provide an email address from a recognized university. Academic references help confirm the accuracy of your statement of interest and to provide an opinion on your academic aptitude.

A third, professional reference letter provided by a direct supervisor from your current or previous employer is an asset.  This type of reference can provide an outside perspective of your work ethic and qualifications for employment.


Scanned transcripts from ALL post-secondary programs attended must be available for digital upload at the time of application.

Official transcripts must be post-mailed to the address as outlined on the admissions website.

Having Trouble? Please visit our FAQ page

Contact: If you have questions, please fill out our inquiry form.