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Simplified accounting and finance recruitment for your co-op and new grad opportunities.

We understand the investment of time, effort, and resources you make to connect with, recruit, and welcome young professionals into your organization. We also understand that you have unique needs and that the right accounting and finance talent can be scarce.
By becoming an employer-participant in the MAccFin program, you meet specialized cohorts of CPA and CFA candidates who are ready to work, learn, and contribute. But that’s just the beginning. We go beyond simply posting jobs and working with you through the hiring process. We partner with best-fit employers to understand your needs and translate those into professional development, student engagement, and hiring activities that work.
Consult with us to explore student engagement, professional development and hiring activities.


Hire a MAccFin student for a winter co-op term or an upcoming new grad program.

Co-op and New Grad Cycle

MAccFin students begin in May and are required to complete a full-time four-month co-op work term from January to April. This is an excellent opportunity for you to work with a candidate and determine if you and the student envision a long-term permanent fit. As a MAccFin employer, you may be eligible to receive the Co-operative Education Tax Credit of up to $3,000 per student.
MAccFin students have all completed the CPA Prerequisite Education Program and are now pursuing professional study. They will finish their MAccFin coursework three months after their co-op term ends (in July) and typically be ready to challenge the CPA Common Final Exam and/or their next of the CFA series of exams in the fall. MAccFin students accept full-time offers at any time throughout the 16-month program and typically start full-time in October.
MAccFin students are hired into co-op and graduating full-time roles in the following areas:
  • National and Regional Public Accounting Firms
  • Corporate CPA Training Rotational Programs
  • Commercial/Corporate Banks and Securities Dealers
  • Investment Management Firms and Pension Funds
  • Wealth Managers and Private Banks 


How to Hire MAccFin Co-op or for New Grad Opportunities

  1. Consult with us.

There are numerous ways to get involved with the MAccFin program to build brand and awareness for your opportunities, while contributing to students’ professional development. It would be our pleasure to work with you upfront to determine your audience(s) and when throughout the summer or fall to post your winter co-op or full-time new grad roles.

  1. Let us launch your opportunity.

Once we know about your co-op and/or new grad needs, please email us your job description to maccfin.utsc@utoronto.ca. We will advertise your opportunities at specific times throughout the year and send you a package of applications.

  1. Short-list and interview your candidates.

Once you have reviewed applications, please complete this form to request interviews with our MAccFin students.

  1. Extend an employment offer to the student.

The Integrated Learning Coordinator will work with you to extend your employment offer(s). Depending on when you hire, there may be some variation in the process, however we’re here to make it easy for you. Once the acceptance of the student offer has been confirmed, submit a copy of the contract, welcome the student, and begin the onboarding process!


Participate in our Student Programming

To get involved with our upcoming events for the 2023-24 academic year, please contact:

Laura Humphries

Laura Humphries
Integrated Learning Coordinator, MAccFin
Management, U of T Scarborough