Transfer Students Online Module

Modules Notes
Degree & program planning

Important Note:
It is strongly recommended that you watch the following 2 modules before the transfer student online module.

What is your current student status at University of Toronto Scarborough?

Apply for transfer credits

Part 1: Introduction and application process for transfer credits, college and universities

(3 min)   |

Important links:

transfer explorer

Part 2: How to use Transfer Explorer to identify possible transfer credits

(2 min)  |

Your transfer credit assessment

Part 3: How to decipher your transfer credit letter

(3 Min)  |

Selecting courses with a transfer credit assessment

Part 4: How to select courses with transfer credit assessment letter

(10 Min)  |

Selecting courses without a transfer credit assessment

Part 5: How to select your courses if you are still waiting for the transfer credit letter.

(14 min)  |

how to get involved on campus

Part 6: Ways to get involved

(4 min)  |

personal and academic support services

Part 7: Support Services

(5 min)  |


Academic Advising & Career Centre Contact Information Page
Academic Advising & Career Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough
Academic Resource Centre, Room AC213
1265 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario M1C 1A4
Telephone: 416-287-7561
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