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Academic Advising & Study Skills Appointments

Boost YOUR Academic confidence and learn Study Skills Strategies to improve YOUR academic performance.

Book an appointment with an Academic & Learning Strategist or an Academic Advisor if you are looking for assistance with: Choosing your Program, Dropping a course or any other Academic related matters. These appointments can be arranged by contacting our office by phone at (416) 287-7561 or by dropping by the office during our office hours.

1-1 Study Skills Peer Coaching Appointments

Book an appointment with a Study Skills Peer Coach to discuss strategies to improve your Study Skills. Topics may include:
  • Exam Preparation
  • Goal-Setting
  • Memory and Concentration
  • Reading and Note-taking Strategies
  • Time management 
These appointments can be arranged through  CLNx. Please go to: 
CLNx>Appointments>Book UTSC Peer Appointment>AA&CC Peers – Study Skills

Students said:

"Very comfortable's great knowing someone is there when you need them”
"Study skills Peer Coaching is very useful and convenient...flexible schedule"
"The 1-on-1 coaching is very effective...peers can relate to my problems"
"It's easier talking face-to-face...helped give me focus and direction"

Meet Your Peer Coaches

Peer coach picture


Program of Study: Psychology Specialist, Biomedical Ethics and Applied Statistics Minor.
Study tip: Understanding your biology and routines can help you pick optimal energy-rich times to study.
Favourite Spot to Study: My desk with a soft hued lamp lighting up my room.
Fun Fact: I have lived in 7 cities spread across the U.S and Canada!


Program of study: Mental Health Studies Co-op and Applied Statistics Minor
Study tip: When studying with a friend, try explaining concepts to them! If you can explain them in your own words, it is an indication that you have a good understanding of that concept!
Favourite study spot: Coffee shops! If I can't go to coffee shops, I make myself a nice coffee and set up my desk with music to make myself feel like I am at a coffee shop!
Fun fact: I love getting into any creative hobby! So far, I've enjoyed watercolour, digital art, calligraphy, music production, various instruments and singing, writing, photography... Cannot wait to tackle more hobbies :)


Program of study: Psychological and Health Sciences Specialist and Biology Minor.
Study tip: Make up fun questions and test your knowledge of the content you are learning. That way you become aware of what information you know, and what you don't, so that you can go back and review it. 
Favourite study spot: An empty classroom! Use the UofT Synchronous Space Finder to find which classrooms are free to use at a certain time. 
Fun fact: I love taking up new hobbies, and I am currently interested in hip-hop dance and volleyball!