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Academic Advising & Study Skills Appointments

Boost YOUR Academic confidence and learn Study Skills Strategies to improve YOUR academic performance.

Book an appointment with an Academic & Learning Strategist or an Academic Advisor if you are looking for assistance with: Choosing your Program, Dropping a course or any other Academic related matters. These appointments can be arranged by contacting our office by phone at (416) 287-7561 or by dropping by the office during our office hours.

1-1 Study Skills Peer Coaching Appointments

Book an appointment with a Study Skills Peer Coach to discuss strategies to improve your Study Skills. Topics may include:
  • Exam Preparation
  • Goal-Setting
  • Memory and Concentration
  • Reading and Note-taking Strategies
  • Time management 
These appointments can be arranged through  CLNx. Please go to: 
CLNx>Appointments>Book UTSC Peer Appointment>AA&CC Peers – Study Skills

Students said:

"Very comfortable's great knowing someone is there when you need them”
"Study skills Peer Coaching is very useful and convenient...flexible schedule"
"The 1-on-1 coaching is very effective...peers can relate to my problems"
"It's easier talking face-to-face...helped give me focus and direction"

Meet Your Peer Coaches



Program of study: Majoring in International Development Studies and Public Policy
Study tip: Explaining concepts to a friend or family member is useful to help you develop a stronger understanding of the material and highlight any areas that you needt o spend more time reviewing
Favourite study spot: Krembil Student Commons
Fun fact: I love to travel, and some of my favourite places I've been to are Melbounre and Oahu.


Program of study: Specialist Neuroscience Co-op 
Study tip: The more questions you practice, better grasp you get over a concept and easier it is to recall it.The more questions you practice, better grasp you get over a concept and easier it is to recall it. 
Favourite study spot: The UTSC library’s silent study spaces. The UTSC library’s silent study spaces.  
Fun fact: I love playing a lot of sports and a few of my favourites are Football (soccer), Badminton and Table tennis.


Program of study: Specialist International Development Studies Co-op, Anthropology Minor, and Political Science Minor
Study tip: Take good summary notes of your readings so that you can go back to them and review from them before your exams! 
Favourite study spot: I love studying in quiet spaces like the library! I focus more when I see everyone working hard and I tend to get most of my work done there as well!
Fun fact: I really enjoy reading in my free time and I’m planning on re-reading the Harry Potter series soon because it’s one of my favourites! 

Peer coach picture


Program of Study: Human Biology Major, Pscyhology Minor, French Minor
Study tip: Reward yourself after each study session with a snack, a walk, or anything that makes you happy!
Favourite Spot to Study: The second floor of the UTSC Library
Fun Fact: I love playing all sports, especially basketball!