Academic Advising & Study Skills Appointments


Academic Advising Appointment

Meet with an Academic & Learning Strategist to:

  • Develop your academic plan to graduation
  • Review your course selection in relation to completing program and degree requirements
  • Assess your learning and life management skills
  • Develop study strategies to improve you academic performance
  • Discuss academic standing, GPA, academic regulations issues, integrity concerns and petitions
  • Learn about resources and services available on campus

Booking options

  • Pre-booked appointment: book in advance by calling or visiting the AA&CC.
  • Same day appointment: available, in person only, each day on a first come first served basis in the AA&CC.
  • Drop-In: for a quick question, you can drop in for a 10 minute session. Call or visit the AA&CC for availability as it varies throughout the year.
  • Online: for general inquiries, you can use our contact form.

Preparing for your Academic Advising appointment

It's important to be prepared for your appointment to make the best use of your time with the Advising & Learning Strategist.

  • Think about topics you want to discuss and write them down so you don’t forget them in the moment
  • Bring paper and a pen as you will be responsible for taking notes
  • Remember to bring relevant information with you, based on the topic you wish to discuss:

    Degree Planning (bring the following, if they apply):

    • Program exception forms or emails from program supervisors
    • Transfer credit assessment letter
    • A completed 12 Distinct Credits worksheet [PDF - 537 KB] if you are applying the same courses for more than one program (this can occur when you are completing 2 majors or 1 major and 2 minors)
    • Calendars you are following to complete your program(s). For more information, refer to the regulations concerning programs of study.
    • Check the prerequisites and exclusions of the courses you completed prior to the appointment. If you have taken courses out of order or taken courses that are listed as exclusions, they will be considered as extras (may be used to satisfy program requirements but will not count towards your degree requirements)
    • Your current “plan” to graduation, review the calendar and make note of your course options for program and degree requirements

    Study Skills

    • If you want to develop your note-taking skills, bring a sample of your current notes
    • If you want to develop your reading skills, bring a sample of your readings
    • If you want to improve your time management, bring information such as, your class schedule, work schedule, extra-curricular commitments, etc.

Study Skills

Boost your academic confidence and gain strategies to improve your academic performance.

Academic & learning strategists and study skills peer coaches are here to help you with:

  • Study strategies to ace your tests
  • Multiple choice and essay questions
  • Time management
  • Memory and concentration
  • Reading and note taking

Bring your textbooks, notes, syllabus, and other course material to receive hands-on help.

1-1 Study Skill Peer Coaching Appointments

For one-on-one study skills coaching sessions, log into CLNx and book a 1-1 appointment.>Appointments>Book UTSC Peer Appointment>AA&CC Peers – Study Skills

Students said:

"Very comfortable's great knowing someone is there when you need them”

"Study skills peer coaching centre is very useful and convenient...flexible schedule"

"The 1-on-1 counselling is very effective...peers can relate to my problems"

"It's easier talking face-to-face...helped give me focus and direction"

Study Skills Peer Coach Application

Meet Your Peer Coaches

Shehab Eid

Program: Human Biology Specialist

Study Tip: NEVER SKIP CLASS. Relying too much on web option can easily lead to students falling behind. Stay on top of course material and this will greatly help you when it’s time to prepare for an exam.

Favourite Study Spot: Library silent study rooms (Please at least leave me a spot if you all decide to go there :D )

Fun Fact: I consider a 3 hour leg day workout fun. 

Samjhana Mandal

Program: Molecular biology and Psychology

Study Tip: Inquire about your course with the professor and/or students who took the course previously, ask regarding the nature of content that may be tested as well as the necessary resources to be used. Plan what your semester entails (including non academic responsibilities) well in advance to ensure optimized use of time; make both semester schedule and a weekly schedule. When you fail to meet your expectations, it’s easy to lose confidence and give up, find the mistake and use it to your advantage to improve for next time. Make sure to have a positive attitude and surround yourself with like-minded people!

Favourite Study Spot: My room

Fun Fact: I love Bollywood!!

Emily Chan

Program: Mental Health Studies & Health Policy

Study Tip: Colour coding is a fun and effective way to study! By writing your notes in different colours, it makes information more memorable and easier to recall! Specifically, I like to section off my notes using different colours so that it's easier to follow (i.e., definitions will be in one colour while important terms will be highlighted in a different colour). I also like to colour code any diagrams I make which helps me to remember each section of my, for example, mind map, easier and faster.

Favourite Study Spot: I prefer studying at home, but HW has some great cubicles to study in as well as tables for group work.

Fun Fact: I’m a bubble tea-a-holic 😊

Sahar Gholzom

Program: Environmental Science, Biochemistry, Biology

Study Tip: Familiarize yourself with the terminology and the language of your discipline. Study after lectures and review the material at the end of the week by yourself or in study groups. Try your very best to visit professor’s office hours and ask specific questions. Most importantly, take advantage of all the resources available on the campus including the Academic Advising & Career Centre, Health & Wellness, Writing Centre, English Language Development Centre, AccessAbility Services, Library, Math and Statistics Learning Centre, Facilitated Study Groups, Physics/Chemistry/Biology Aid Centres, Registrar’s Office and Department of Student Life. Finally, believe in yourself and rest if you must but never give up.

Favourite Study Spot: Anywhere with large windows.

Fun Fact: I enjoy dancing, travelling and learning about different cultures.