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Managing your Career: Strategies for Students with Disabilities

UPDATED January 2021!

These modules were designed to assist students with transitioning from school to work. The modules cover a number of topics which you can choose to watch based on your needs/interests although within each module, we recommend you watch the videos in order as the information builds on what was presented in the previous videos. Video length is 5-10 minutes each.

Please download the activity worksheets provided below the relevant videos so you can efficiently engage in reflection as you go through the modules, and develop your personal plan.

If you are having issues opening the modules, please try using a different browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome). 

Module 1: Career Planning

Let's talk about career planning. If you are still studying, this adds another task to your schedule but it can actually reduce stress and help you to feel more connected to your studies.

Module 2: Understanding Employment Equity

This module focuses on employment equity, what it is and who is covered under relevant laws. We also discuss employer obligations and accountability.

Module 3: Addressing Employment Barriers

This module focuses on employment barriers and begins to discuss how you and your employer can handle them.

Module 4: Self-Advocacy and Disclosure

This module focuses on strategies for effective self-advocacy and disclosure. Self-advocacy occurs anytime you speak or act on your own behalf to improve your quality of life.

Module 5: Workplace Accommodations

This module focuses on specific responsibility for accommodation and kinds of workplace accommodation.


Career and Disability-Related Events & Workshops

The AA&CC and AccessAbility Services partner throughout the year to offer events and workshops. For upcoming events, click here.


Employable Me

This six-part TVO documentary series features job-seekers determined to show that having a physical disability or neurological condition shouldn't make them unemployable. Each episode features two individuals from the Greater Toronto Area or Montreal who want nothing more than to find steady employment. There are already three seasons of it! If you are looking for inspiration and how others have handled job search with a disability, check it out.


Additional Resources

  • Community Resources: This list of community resources covers a range of programs available to persons with disabilities.
  • ODEN: A network of employment service providers united to increase employment opportunities for people who have a disability. Find supportive agencies here!
  • Check out this collection of job search and career-related videos from the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS):
  • Curious about less-than-full-time or work-from-home employment? Try searching for terms like "work from home" and "remote work".
  • NCWD for Youth: Information and reflections on life and work for youth with disabilities.
  • DiscoverAbility Network: Ryerson's job board, Magnet, has partnered with the Ontario Chambers of Commerce to connect students and graduates with disabilities to employers who are motivated to hire you! Create a profile on the Magnet platform and self-identify (100% private) as a person with a disability to be "screened-in".
  • Job Accomodation Network
  • Federal Employment Equity Act
  • Ontario Employment Equity Act


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