Overcoming Academic Difficulty

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Many students experience challenges with their transition to university or at some other point in their university career. If you are experiencing academic difficulty, the earlier you seek support and make use of the services available to you, the better to help you get back on track. Remember, we’re here to help!

AA&CC services to help you with your academic and study skills goals:

Academic Resources

There are various resources available at UTSC to support you through you academic journey. Take a look at the Academic Integrity and Academic Resources modules for more information. 

Setting Academic Goals

Setting goals for yourself has several benefits, one of which is improved academic performance:

  • Having a goal can keep you focused on what you have to do and minimize distractions from outside.
  • Increase motivation and effort.
  • Reaching a goal can make you feel more confident in your abilities and increase your belief in yourself. Your confidence helps you to feel more relaxed and less anxious, helping you to continue on your progress toward reaching subsequent goals.
  • You need to decide what you want to achieve and then define that as your goal. When setting goals, it is important to be specific. Your goals should be measurable so that you can assess your progress.

Special Consideration

From time to time students may need to ask for special consideration in their academic work or for exceptions to be made to the academic regulations. Such requests normally arise as a result of their being affected by something outside of their control, such as illness, accident or the death of a family member. Consult with an Academic & Learning Strategist at the AA&CC for advice if you are uncertain about your situation.