Build Your Study Skills

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Achieving success at university is dependent on developing and practicing solid learning strategies and study skills. This includes areas such as: time management, reading, note-taking, test taking and so on. We have a wide variety of services to meet your needs.

Academic Advising & Career Centre services to help you improve your study skills:

Study Hacks Module

Take a look at the test/exam preparation tips, study hack videos, and handouts on the Study hacks module.  

Academic Integrity

Learning to meet academic integrity expectations are essential in your academic success. Review the tips, resources, and policies on Academic Integrity

Academic Resources at UTSC

There are various academic resources on-campus to support your through your academic journey. Take a look at the Academic Resources module and the Academic Supports @ UTSC for more details. 

Student Experience Courses on Quercus

Need help navigating university, gaining academic success, choosing your program and courses, maintaining well-being, connecting with the UTSC community and getting involved, and finding jobs and building experience? Access resources, tips, and strategies in the following courses. 

Online Academic and Study Skills Resources

Subject Related Resources

Visit the resources section of our website for subject related resources.