Dropping a Course

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Should I Drop My Course? 

The key to a good decision is gathering the relevant information, assessing, and planning. Use the resources and information listed below to help you make a decision regarding your courses.

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Things to consider before dropping your course

Go through the UTSC Academic Calendar and find the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the course required for your program?
  • Is this an enrolment requirement for the program you want to apply to?
  • Is this a pre-requisite for the course you are taking next semester?
  • When will this course likely to be offered again? Check the Course Timetable and the Past Timetable.

Assess the impact of keeping the course:

  • Use the Mark calculator to calculate the potential grades you need on your assignments, term tests, and final exam to pass the course (developed by University of Guelph library).
  • Use the GPA calculator to assess if failing or receiving a low grade will lead you to academic probation/suspension or removal from a program.
  • If there is a specific CGPA requirement, it will be listed in the Calendar under the program description.

Dropping a course without academic penalty

  • UTSC students must follow the deadline UofT Scarborough academic deadlines regardless of which campus the course is held on. 
  • If you drop a course without academic penalty on ACORN by the deadline, there will be no evidence on your transcript that you attempted the course. If you miss the deadline, you may request late withdrawal from the course.

Financial Deadlines

  • Visit the Financial dates & deadlines webpage for payment information and the refund schedule.
  • You are responsible for any fees and academic penalties incurred if you do not drop courses by the appropriate deadlines, even if you have not attended the course.

Late Withdrawal

  • If you miss the initial deadline to drop your course without academic penalty, , you may submit a request on eService to withdraw late from the course.
  • Check the LWD late withdrawal eligibility requirement. This process may be used to withdraw late from current session courses only, and not from previous sessions. 
  • You must submit the request for an LWD by the academic deadline posted on the respective campuses where you are taking your course. Check the academic deadlines on UTSC, UTM, and Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) at St. George.  

Credit/No Credit

  • You can declare up to 2.0 credits as Credit/No Credit on ACORN during the request period.
  • Check the eligibility requirements.
  • CR/NCR could only be used towards electives and not for program requirements.
  • CR/NCR courses can be used toward the overall degree credits but will not impact your CGPA.
  • Instead of a numerical grade, you will get a “CR” or “NCR” on your transcript. To earn a credit (CR), you must have a final grade of 50%. A grade below 50% will result in no credit (NCR).  

Second Attempt for Credit (SAC)

  • If you meet eligibility requirements, you may re-take a course you have previously passed for up to 1.0 credit.
  • Read the explanation on how the SAC policy works in the Calendar. 
  • Submit requests to re-take a course on eService. This cannot be done in ACORN. Requests to re-take courses will open after course enrolment for all years of study because priority is given to students that want to take the course for the first time. Approvals are subject to space availability and enrolment restrictions set by the academic department. Check the enrolment dates on academic dates website.
  • You may request that the second attempt count toward your CGPA by making a Second Attempt for Credit (SAC) request on eService

International students

  • If you are wondering about how your course load may impact your study permit, please speak to a Transition and immigration advisor at the International Student Centre. 

Academic Advising & Career Centre services

Graduate and Professional School Applications

Applying to further education programs? Please inquire how dropping, CR/NCR, LWD, or SAC will impact your application with the admission department of the program you are applying to. For additional information, review:

To explore and plan your career and further education options, book an appointment with a career staff and sign up for sessions on CLNx.