Co-Curricular Record

Your student experience starts here. Build your co-curricular record with us. 

The Co-Curricular Record is an official institutional document that recognizes your involvement outside the classroom as a significant part of your U of T experience.

Here's how it works:

  • SEARCH the CCR database for involvement opportunities that coincide with your interests and goals
  • ADD those opportunities and the competencies/skills you’ve gained to your personal record
  • PRINT an official copy of your CCR for your records or to add to your portfolio

Choose from the many opportunities listed below and begin building your co-curricular record today! 

First Year Experience Program

Make the most of your first year! Connect with an upper year mentor and engage in free workshops and student life events! 

LEAD Program

Build a better self-understanding and explore how your post-secondary experience will fit in with your future goals.

Campus Groups on the CCR

Put your campus group on the CCR and promote your organization through the CCR Online Directory.


Community Action Projects

Choose a long term volunteer opportunity where you can make meaningful change in East Scarborough.

Community Day Events

Community Day Events are one-day community based activities where students volunteer in various East Scarborough community organizations. 

Alternative Reading Week

Sign up for a short term volunteer opportunity that runs annually during the University of Toronto Scarborough's Reading Week. 

UTSC Abroad

Study abroad and immerse yourself in different cultures while simultaneously earning academic credits.