Arts and Media Management Major (HBA)

Admissions Category: Visual & Performing Arts, Arts Management, and Media

Program Overview

The Major program offers students an opportunity to acquire a strong foundation in, and understanding of, the theories and practices associated with the management of creative arts and media enterprises. The program exposes students to the scholarship and skills of this multidisciplinary field through a broad range of courses that bring together creative endeavours and business. While the program can be paired with any other Major at UTSC, it is especially intended to be combined with other programs in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media: Art History and Visual Culture, Studio Art, Music and Culture, Theatre and Performance Studies, Media Studies, New Media Studies, or Journalism.

This Major is for students seeking opportunities and understanding about the always-evolving arts and media environment, where traditional leadership roles are both crucial and constantly challenged, and where community engagement, creative practice, entrepreneurship and leadership are not limited to the private sector but also reach deeply into the non-profit and public sectors.


Complementary Programs:

New Media StudiesMedia StudiesArts ManagementArt History and Visual CultureMinor in English Literature, Minor in Creative WritingMinor in Literature and Film.