Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures

Media and Journalism present to us much of what we know about the world. Some argue that we live as much through media as we live in media. Learn how they work from multiple perspectives, from the public to the private, on both local and global scales. Learn the connections and the dynamics in the context of today’s rapidly changing media landscape and to critically evaluate the constraints and opportunities offered by modern media institutions and information technologies.

Program of Study

Major Program in Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures 

Minor Program in Media Studies

For more information on the program of study, including program requirements and course descriptions, please see the Registrar’s Calendar.

To apply

To find this program on the OUAC website, search under University of Toronto Scarborough (found under the University of Toronto entry) under the category "Visual and Performing Arts, Arts Management & Media" (program code TUC); you will then choose 'Media' under the 'Subject of Major Interest' drop-down menu. When you are studying at UTSC, you will be able to choose the stream within the program that is your area of interest.


Should you have any questions regarding the Media Studies program at the University of Toronto Scarborough, please send us an email.


Ruoyun Bai | Associate Professor | 416 287 7134 | HW 415

Kenzie Burchell | Assistant Professor | HW 416

T.L. Cowan | Assistant Professor | 416 208 5061 | HW 411A

Leslie Chan | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream | 416 287 7511 | MW 304

Jeffrey Dvorkin | Lecturer | 416 287 7163 | HW 417

David Nieborg | Assistant Professor | 416 287 7171 | HW 412

Alejandro Paz | Assistant Professor | 416 208 2

Michael Petit | Assistant Professor (on leave until June 30, 2019) | 416 287 7164 | HW 414

Sherry Yu | Assistant Professor | HW 411