T.L. Cowan and Jasmine Rault 2022-2023 Emerging Projects Fund
Pablo D. Herrera Veitia (Post Doctorial Fellow) 2022 Best First Feature Film Iris Award
"Sin La Habana"
Thy Phu SSHRC Race, Gender, and Diversity Initiative Grant
"Refugee States"
Lynn Tucker and Laura Risk Learning & Education Advancement Fund (LEAF) Grant
Developing modules for the first-year course Foundations in Music

Alexander Irving
T.L. Cowan
Erin Webster
Sherri Helwig
Trisha Lamie

Mentorship Initiative Fund (MIF)
Kotoka Suzuki Experiential Learning Fund
“Amplify!: A music creation mentorship program for women”
Marla Hlady & Manaal Hussain Experiential Learning Fund 
Anishinaabe Land-Based Learning and the Arts
Erin Webster Professional Academic Coaching Fund (PACF) 
Sherri Helwig Professional Academic Coaching Fund (PACF)
Mark V. Campbell UTSC 2022 Pre-tenure Faculty Research Award
T.L. Cowan OVPRI COVID-19 UTSC Faculty Supervisor Research Support Funding Program
Sherry Yu Centre for Teaching and Learning's Teaching Enhancement Grant
Sherry Yu School of Graduate Studies' Graduate Education Innovation Fund
Kotoka Suzuki Orison received The American Prize 2021’s Special Judges' Citation Award for "Unique Creativity and Aural Vision" in the Chamber Music Composition category.



Elliot Leffler Connaught Award
“The 2022 Oberammergau Passion Play: An Ethnographic Study of Theatre-Making and Community Dialog.”
Elizabeth Harney 5-year Insight Grant
“The Retro-Modern: Artistic and Critical Returns to African Modernity.”
Laura Risk GRAMMY Preservation Implementation Grant 
T.L. Cowan School of Graduate Studies Early Career Graduate Supervision Award 
Elliot Leffler Tier II Experiential Learning Fund
(THRC40H3, THRC41H3 and ACMD98H3)
M.E. Luka Arts’ Civic and Social Impact Beyond Covid-19: Researchers in Residence 
Mitacs partnership, with Mass Culture, Department of Canadian Heritage, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, Toronto Arts Foundation, and four other universities
M.E. Luka Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture (FRQSC) grant.
Collaborated with Guillaume Latzko-Toth (PI) on “Numérique et mutations sociales au prisme des pratiques [Digital & social media through the lens of practice]”
Sherry Yu JHI-UTSC Digital Humanities Early Career Faculty Fellowship
Digital Ethnic Media Hub (DEMH)
David Nieborg SSHRC Partnership Grant 
“Global Media and Internet Concentration Project”
T.L. Cowan 2021 SGS Early Career Supervision Award
T.L. Cowan
David Nieborg
Elliot Leffler
Sherry Yu
SHRC Institutional Grant (SIG)
Mark Campbell SSHRC Connections Grant
Sherri Helwig
Lynn Tucker
UTSC Pedagogical/Professional Development Grant (PPG)
Roger Mantie
Carla Melo
Experiential Education Fund