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new faculty members July 2020

New Faculty Announcement

ACM is proud to welcome 6 new faculty members to our team! We will be sharing their profiles over the next few days to introduce them to our UTSC community. Their work leading up to arriving in our department is impressive and we are excited to have them on board as we start off a new school year unlike any other. Welcome to the team!  

Maggie Reid (Part-time)

Media Studies
Thy Phu (Full-time)

Music and Culture
Daniel Hasznos (Part-time)

Studio Art 
Arnold Koroshegyi (Part-time)

Studio Art
Midi Onodera (Part-time)

Theatre and Performance 
Carla Melo (CLTA - 3 years)


Technicians oversee soundcheck before a livestreamed performance by pop group Il Civetto at the Kater Blau club in Berlin on March 20, 2020.

Come together, right now, over a livestream: The power of music during a pandemic

"Even under full lockdown, it persists and thrives. Our need for human connection is strong enough," says Laura Risk, Music and Culture.

travel planning photo

ACM Study Abroad 2020

ACM is hatching plans for a D-level summer course to be offered for the first time in May 2020.

ACM Studio Art student, Christopher Dela Cruz, had the opportunity to talk about his work "Rabbit Hole (Intervals No. 2)" on CBC Television

Skip to 6:10 in the video linked below to catch what he had to say and see his work at The Funhouse Toronto.

ACM Journalism students. Photo by Alexa Battler

Journalism students scoop top awards for their investigative stories

UTSC student journalists were behind the top two student features in Ontario this year.

Axel using StageKeep at Raptors dance rehearsal. Courtesy of StageKeep.

A deal with the Raptors: UTSC dance-tech startup builds industry cred

Axel Villamil (ACM Media Studies alum), the co-founder of StageKeep, develop app for dance choregraphy.

Drama Society cast in "This is War"

The unseen realities of war brought to stage in Drama Society’s latest production

Students in U of T Scarborough’s Drama Society are using the stage to explore the often unseen realities of war in their latest production.

UTSC Alum's story about "Crazy Rich Asians" lands cover time magazine

UTSC alum’s story about Crazy Rich Asians lands on cover of TIME magazine

On a recent international cover of TIME magazine, actress Constance Wu is engulfed in a fluffly yellow coat, gazing off in the distance.

Curatorial Studies Mini Series

Curatorial Studies Mini Series

Curatorial Studies students in search for local artist.

ACM was featured in the UTSC Commons recently. "THE SCARBOROUGH ARTS COMMUNITY IS READY FOR ITS CLOSE-UP". Read it here!

TAPS in the Scarborough Arts Community

ACM was featured in the UTSC Commons recently. "THE SCARBOROUGH ARTS COMMUNITY IS READY FOR ITS CLOSE-UP". Read it here!

Finding the women playwrights

Finding the women playwrights

A database - funded in part by U of T Scarborough - helps schools and theatre companies find and produce more plays written by women.

Uncommon Combinations: Playing bass and planning health policies

Uncommon Combinations: Playing bass and planning health policies

Anna Marie Baradi is completing her double major in Health Studies and Music & Culture, with a minor in Health Humanities.