Upcoming Events


The ACM Events and Programming office in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media that works with students, staff, and faculty to support the departmental academic curriculum and to present a range of artistic, cultural, and scholarly programming each year. Engaging, informative, and unique, most of our events are free and open to everyone: future/current UTSC students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the public. Our activities include: 

  • Coordinating workshops inside and outside of the classroom, providing intellectual and creative space for faculty and students to engage with invited guests 
  • Building critical and creative connections with local cultural organizations, in order to facilitate fieldwork opportunities for students 
  • Providing individualized support and mentorship to students in the field placement stream 
  • Facilitating student initiated and student-centered research projects relevant to building critical and creative connections primarily to the Eastern GTA 

Instructions to sign up for events on CLNx. 

  1. Go to clnx.utoronto.ca 

  2. Login with your UTORID 

  1. Select Events and Workshops 

  1. Select UTSC Scarborough 

  1. Select Arts, Culture and Media 

  1. Find event on calendar 

  1. Click Register