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Kali Banner, Sylvie Stojanovski and Professor Lynn Tucker at the Student Engagement in the Arts Awards Ceremony

The Registrar’s Office has introduced a new, efficient application method for student awards. Instead of looking up and applying for individual awards, students will now submit an awards profile that will allow them to be considered for all relevant UTSC application-based scholarships and awards. Students should go to the Registrar’s homepage to apply or visit (click on ‘Awards Profile’ in step one under ‘How to apply’). For awards that require a direct application to the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, please see the ads listed below.

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John McHale Memorial Scholarship in Media Arts (PDF)

About this award:

The John McHale Memorial Scholarship in Media Arts will be awarded to a full-time, undergraduate student who has completed their second year at UTSC.* Eligible students must be a Major or Specialist in Media, Journalism, & Digital Cultures; Joint Program in New Media Studies; Studio; Music & Culture; and/or Arts Management.

Candidates will be considered on artistic merit and potential to utilize digital media to publicize, produce, distribute, and possibly commercialize their work. Such work may be in digital or non-digital formats and can include, but is not limited to, new media arts, paintings, collage, sculpture, photography, film, drawings, and music.


To apply, candidates must submit a portfolio of artistic work and/or a digital portfolio, a personal statement of goals and a description of how the scholarship will contribute to those goals, and an academic transcript.  Faculty within the Department of Arts, Culture and Media may also nominate students. To apply for this award, please submit your portfolio to

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2018

Value: Approximately $1500

Contacts: If you have any questions about this award, please send an email to

*10.0 or more full credits at UTSC or Centennial/UTSC combined for those registered in joint programs. Those students who are set to graduate at the end of the Winter 2018 term are also eligible to apply.

The John McHale Scholarship in Media Arts was established by Renée Levcovitch-McHale in memory of her late husband John McHale. The conditions for this award were crafted in the spirit of honouring Mr. McHale’s talent and passion for the Arts and is directed to support students at the University of Toronto Scarborough in order to leverage the natural connection that the Arts has to the field of New Media Studies at UTSC. John McHale was an artist with a fearless emotional expression in a wide range of artistic works – portraits, dynamic single line drawings, collages, sculptures of objets trouves and photographs. John was also a media producer, consultant, designer, amateur mathematician, historian, and was fascinated by how science and technology could change yet still humanize society. For a full biography, including images of John McHale's works, please click here.

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