Annual Studio Art Student Exhibition

Background image of a student artwork with braided beads. With white text of Call for Submissions, details listed on the webpage.


Studio Art students are invited to submit their artwork for the 2023-2024 Annual Studio Art Student Exhibition! Students may submit maximum of 3 submissions. One form should be completed for each entry. Submissions should be created from March 2023 to present (as long as it was not submitted to the previous 2023 ASASE). This is your chance to showcase your work and receive prizes. Prize sponsors include Japanese Paper Place, FADO Performance Art Centre, Trinity Square Video & more.  

First round submissions deadline: Friday, December 8, 2023 | 11:59pm 

Submit your artwork at this form.

For any questions, please contact Sydney Cabioc at Read more at the FAQ section below! 


2023 Awards

Award Winners


Juror's Choice Award Sue-Tanya Parks | Silence​ Cash: $250
DMG Artistic Practice Award Rekha Swamy | Reminders of Home​ Cash: $250
Critical Perspective Award Jing Teng | Deep Below​ Cash: $125
Conceptual Art Award Zainab Aslam | Roots​ Cash: $125
Outstanding Work by A First OR Second Year Student Minah Cap | h a n a h a k i​ Cash: $75
Outstanding Work by A Third Year Student Vincent Zhou | A...loneliness​ Book: $75
ACM Community Award Sue-Tanya Parks | Silence​ Cash: $100
Technician's Award Nik Radulovich | Passive Imagination​ Magazine Subscription: $30
Sound Art Award Erin Lam | Memories Bluetooth speaker & Keith Haring book
Toronto Image Works Photography Award ZANG | I can't always see the "I," but they can see the "she." Gift Certificate: $250
Stephen Bulger Gallery Photography Award Arthur Cui | Self-portrait​ Books: $100
Atlas Sculpture Award Renee Robbins | Mania​ Gift: $250
Creatron Media Art Award Cynthia Bao | Graduation Game​ Gift certificate: $100
Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) Award Nik Radulovich | Passive Imagination​ Membership & workshop: $75
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) Award Felix Liu | MEDIA OFFLINE​ Membership: 75
Japanese Paper Place Works on Paper Award Xinyi Cai | Found book artwork​ Gift certificate: $100
Trinity Square Video Award Leo Dong | Sweet Apple​ Gift certificate: $450
FADO Performance Art Award Fan Sun | It's Gonna Pop!​ Books: $50
Open Studio Painting Award Dariya Ovsyannikova | Preservation​ Open Studio Workshop
Digital Art Award Nesta | Future Legacies of African Tribes
Hans Li | Back on Earth​​
Cash: $100
Digital Documentation Award Seungjoo Vanessa Yang | Don't Forget​ Cash: $100



Annual Studio Art Student Exhibition FAQ

You can submit a maximum of 3 artworks. Use one form per artwork submission. 

Yes, as long as you contact your other team members, and everyone agrees.

Artwork submissions are not limited to class projects. It can be a project that you produced on your own time. Only submit artworks that have been made in the last year, since the last Annual Studio Art Student Exhibition.

On your submission, write down your video’s aspect ratio, such as: 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. The video format must be in mp4. Make sure to state the video duration.

You only need to provide the correct video format, which is mp4. However, we may need assistance to install the TV screens. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Media Technician, Manolo Lugo (

No, you don’t need to supply your own headphones.

Yes. Submit a WAV file with your submissions form. Up to 1GB is allowed. Specify the duration.

Yes. Provide us with a url and any other instructions. You will not be able to alter the website once you complete your submission.

Yes, however, you need to state how many components there are to the overall work, including the final size of the entire series or triptych.

If you have questions about how to document your work, watch the 2D & 3D documentation videos (2D Documentation PW: ACMStudio and 3D Documentation PW: ACMStudio) 

Yes, you are responsible to install your own work on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. The artwork location list will be sent to you via email. The list will also be posted on the AA3rd floor bulletin board beside the elevator and next to Gallery 1265. 

Installation tools such as hammers, electric drills, measuring tapes, levels and hardware such as nails and screws will be available in each installation areas. Consider bringing your own tools/hardware so that you are assured of easy access to what you need.

The artworks will be available for viewing on March 15, 2023. The location of the artworks will be AA 3rd floor, Gallery 1265 and HW309. 



This year we will have a celebration ceremony in room AA304 in the Arts and Administrative building on March 15, 2023. The awards will be distributed then, with the awards ceremony beginning at approximately 5:15pm.



As this is an in-person event, you are encouraged to attend the celebration evening. Award recipients will receive their award at the celebration. If you are not able to attend and you receive an award, you will be contacted directly, and arrangements will be made for you to receive your award at that time. 


If you’re lucky, yes!